6 Reminders to Increase Your Mental Power


If this is a mental world why would you not focus on improving the one thing that can win in a mental world?  Here are 6 reminders that can improve your mental power:


    For your mind to be at peak performance it must continually grow.  How does anything grow?  You feed it, that's how.  Read books, listen to podcasts, take online courses or learn from a colleague.  Whatever you choose make sure you are consistently feeding your mind.

    And watching the news isn't always a good feeding.  Remember that the media controls what they show you and how they show it.  The TV does all the work.  When you read you not only have to read the words, you also have to interpret their meaning.  This exercise helps your mind grow much better than a TV.

    Always choose to Feed Your Mind.


      Your mind has great power. However, that power cannot be accessed if you stay at the surface. To access your full potential, you must practice deep thinking. 

      Deep thinking is the action of thinking of all the possibilities. It entails analyzing, reviewing, monitoring, measuring any every piece of information you can.  It takes time and effort.  Effort and time that you must have an open mind to entertain.

     This open-minded approach exercises your mind and strengthens it. Without deep thinking your success will be limited. Make it a priority to include it into you weekly routines.  It may seem like a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end.  

Always chooses to lose yourself in Deep Thinking every now and then.



    The reason for your limited success is not a lack of money. It is a lack of ideas. 
With the right idea you can have all the success you desire. Those winning ideas are somewhere trapped in your mind.

     They are trapped by limiting beliefs, distractions and baggage. To get to those ideas you must practice brainstorming. 
The act of brainstorming is to freely capture everything that comes to mind. No judgement, if it comes to mind capture it. 

      Pick a topic and just be free to write down whatever comes to mind. Do this enough and you are well on your way to the success you desire. Your great mind has an Infinite number of great ideas waiting to be released. 

Always choose to Brainstorm Ideas




     Your mind is complex. It processes thousands of thoughts per day. That is a lot of thoughts in a week, in a month or even a year.

     With all of those thoughts you can get build up in your mind. That build up can inhibit you. It can drag you down. It can cause chaos in your mind.

     To reduce those inhibitors and the chaos you need to add an exercise to find peace. You need to settle your mind and allow it to just be.

     Many people meditate. Other people do yoga. Some people put on their favorite music and just listen. Some people just find a way to get away and experience stillness.

Whatever your method always find a way to clear your mind and find peace. It is great maintenance for the mind.

 Always choose to Find Peace.




     Mental power is enhanced by the number of minds working together. This will always be true. The collective group is always stronger than the individual.  

       Knowing this you must make it a practice to connect with other people. Whether its master minds groups, boards or one on one mentoring you must access the power of the collective. 

     There are many things you can do alone. Many of those thingss you may have to do on your own. But never let that make you believe you are better alone.

     You are better connected to other people. Make the effort to do so as much as humanly possible. 

Always Connect With Other People 




     This is the final reminder of how to improve the success of your mind. It is the most critical and unfortunately too often it is the most difficult.

     Yet if you truly believe, you can do great things. You can do amazing things.

     Yet we are all challenged to continue to believe. Circumstances don't always align with those beliefs. Things go wrong. Things go slow. Things don't go as planned.

     But regardless of the current circumstances you must continue to believe. The power of that belief is incredible. It is undeniable. It is the key to success.

     Never stop believing, it will pay off. Believe in yourself, believe in the Divine, believe in the possibility and it will happen.

Always choose to BELIEVE


     There you have it.  Those are the 6 reminders.  Did any of them stand out to you?  Do you plan on making any changes after reflecting on them? Leave a comment below to let us know.

As always,  we wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey. 

With gratitude,  



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