6 Reminders That Have Changed My Life




Believe that you are Reborn every day. Today you are one day wiser. Today your failures are behind you. You have a new lease on life. You have a fresh start. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. All you have is right now so attack the day anew and refreshed. Always choose to live in the moment.



Reflect on the power within. You were born in the likeness of your creator. God, the Universe or your special term for your faith is within you. Therefore you are powerful. You have been granted exceptional power and it is your responsibility to tap into it. The first step to tap into that power is to know that it is there.



Acknowledge the Abundance of your life and this world. You have a roof over your head. You have fresh air to breathe and fresh water to drink. Somebody somewhere was just hired in a new job. The government just printed a fresh batch of money that you have an opportunity to acquire. Love is readily available to be given and received. Abundance is everywhere.



Be Grateful to be reborn, for the abundance of the world, for the power within you or any other aspect of your life. By being grateful you tap into an emotional power that has an unlimited source of energy. Practicing gratitude is powerful because it is impossible not to have good feelings when you are truly appreciating something in your life. Every moment you spend in gratitude is a guaranteed positive moment. It is guaranteed because to truly be grateful for something you have to appreciate it and appreciation is a positive emotion.



Set your intention for the day. You refuse to walk aimlessly through life so you set defined goals for what you want to accomplish. This is your decision to guide the actions you will take for the today. Intentional actions will lead to desirable results. Be intentional to obtain all your desires.



Commit to creating something today. You have the extraordinary gift of creation and it would be a tragedy not to use it. The more you create the more gifts you share with the world.   The more you share the more you will receive in return. Creation is the beginning of the wonderful cycle of giving and receiving.





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