Drew The Reminder

Hello I am Drew The Reminder,


Who Am I?

     I am an optimist.  I am a believer in the power within.  I am a confident person.  I am a complex problem solver.  I am a curator of peace.  I am a giver.  I am a lover.  I am a servant leader. 

What do I think I can achieve?

     I am helping millions of people feel Better Today.  I am assisting millions of people in finding their peace.  I am using The Reflect 4 to remind millions of people to focus on their beliefs, thinking, feelings, and actions so that they get the results they want in life.  I am Reminding so successfully that I leave my corporate job to Remind full time.  I am making a difference in your life. 

How am I living today?

     Today I am Reminding.  Today I am creating products and content that deliver a compelling message.  Today I am focusing on beliefs, thinking, feelings, and actions to deliver results.  Today I am using my wisdom as I gain more from my current experiences.

What am I grateful for?

     Today I am grateful for my wife and daughters.  I love being a father and a husband.  Today I am grateful for the power that I have within.  I am thankful for the gifts I was given by my creator.  Today I am grateful to breathe.  With each breathe inhaled and exhaled I have the opportunity to smile.  Today I am Reminding you of the the power that you have within.  I love making a difference in your life

What is My Mission?

     I want to have a positive impact on your life.  In 2013 I lost my job as a Director at the World's Largest Beverage Company.  At the time this could have had a negative impact on my life.  Luckily it did not.  Through that experience I found something that has made and continues to make a positive impact on my life.  My mission is to share what I have learned and continue to learn in an attempt to help someone else.  We are all connected.  Therefore by helping others I am in turn helping myself. 

How Will I Accomplish My Mission?

     This is a great question that I am not certain of the correct answer.  Luckily when I am uncertain I take action to help my gain certainty.  As of today I have taken the action of writing hundreds of thousands of words via my blog and unpublished book.  I have spoken to groups.  I have coached individuals.  I have created products.  I have created (more like compiled) Drew's Reminders.  I have written a compilation of songs that I named, The Reminder Album.  

     I am unsure of which of these avenues will have the greatest impact.  I just know that I am on a mission and will continue to take action.

Why Do I Call Them Reminders?

     I call them Reminders because everything you need is already within you.  It sounds simple but with all my experience it was something that I had to learn.  That learning did not come easy but I'm hoping my work can help reduce yours. 

Song of the week.

     If you are new to my content, you will quickly understand.  I do not stop.  I am always Reminding.  Here we go again.     

Short of the week.

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