Are You Grateful Past, Present, Future?


    When you are grateful for who you were you are open to acknowledging your mistakes.  You know what you could have done better.  You know what you think you did wrong.  You are also acknowledgeing all your successes.  You know you have done many things right.  With all that said you are grateful for everything in the past good or bad because all of it has made you who you are today. 

    You must be grateful for who you are today.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the street or in the penthouse.  It doesn’t matter if you failed a million times or if you were successful hundreds of time.  No matter who you are today you are alive.  As long as you are breathing you have a chance to live a better life and no matter how good your life is it can always be better.  There is no limit on how good your life can be.  If you have all the material items in the world your life gets better when you give to someone who doesn’t.  If you have nothing your life gets better when you try one more time to achieve something. 

     Knowing this is why you must be grateful for who you can be.  This is the beauty of life in its glory.  You can always be greater than you are.  You can continue to give.  You can give more.  You can continue to receive.  You can receive more.  You can learn.  You can teach.  You can get physically fit.  You can get healthy.  You can maintain your health longer.  You can find love.  You can give love.  You can be grateful for more and more.  The only limit to your greatness is you and you can choose to be limitless.  That is who you can be, and you should be grateful for that fact.

Are you Grateful for it all?

With Gratitude,













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