Be Happy for This Moment

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
Omar Khayyan

According to the CDC in 2013-2014 the average life expectancy in the US was 78.8 years. Those 78.8 years are equivalent to 2.5 trillion seconds. If each one of those seconds was a moment in your life you would have had plenty of moments to define your life. However, the truth is there is only one moment that matters. It is this moment right here right now. Your life only exists at this moment. 1 second ago is a memory and the next second is not guaranteed. That is why you should strive to be happy for this moment because this moment is truly your life.

The Ups and Downs of Life

Being happy for this moment doesn’t mean you can’t be upset, angry, sad or depressed in this moment. Life has its way of bringing on some hardship. No one has gone through life without experiencing some of it. You may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and you just aren’t feeling energized. You may be under some unexpected financial hardship that is jeopardizing your ability to feed your family. You may have been diagnosed with a health issue that could cause you pain and suffering in the near future. Any of these situations could cause you not to be happy in this very moment.

Being happy for this moment doesn’t guarantee the happiness you may be feeling in this moment. You could have had a great weekend and are still happy about all the fun that was had. Your spouse or significant other could have just sent you a loving text that has put a big smile on your face. You could have just gotten a big bonus from work and now your kids are going to have a great Christmas. You could have just had your annual physical and received a complete bill of health. You could just be that happy person who makes a point to live a happy life. Any of these situations could be causing you to be happy in this very moment.

What Is Being Happy In the Moment?

Whether you are feeling sad or happy at this moment does not define whether you are being happy for this moment. Being happy for this moment is just that. It is being happy for the actual moment. You are alive. You are experiencing life. You can walk. You can talk. You can see. You can feel. Even if you can’t walk, talk, see or feel, you can think. Being happy for this moment is a mindset. It is a way of thinking. When you are happy for the moment you appreciate this moment for what it is. You appreciate the moment because this moment is your life. No matter your circumstance you must realize that you only have one life. Be grateful for this life and the opportunity you’ve been given.

When you have the mindset of being happy for the moment you will become more engaged in every moment. You won’t take things for granted. Your senses will be heightened. Your awareness will be elevated. You become more alive. You will have more opportunities to appreciate life than you ever have had before. That appreciation will become infectious. It will become a habit you never want to lose.

How to Experience Being Happy in the Moment

The best way to experience this mindset is to simply pause. Stop whatever you are doing and acknowledge your appreciation for being alive. Be grateful that you have a life to live and you can currently experience it. When you allow yourself to be grateful you will also force yourself to know things can better. There is no limit to happiness. There is no limit for love. There is no limit for growth. There may be ebbs and flows but there are no limits. Because there are no limits you will always strive to experience more happiness, more love and more growth. A simple pause and acknowledgement is all the fuel you need.

Life is made up moments. Whether you experience 2 or 2.5 trillion it is important to appreciate every moment. When you truly appreciate the moment you will be happy for the moment’s existence. You will be happy for your life’s existence. With that happiness you will be well positioned to achieve all of your desires and dreams.

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