Can You Change the World?

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." 

Leo Tolstoy


     You have been hearing it your whole life. For one group of us it went in one ear and out the other. Through life circumstances we just didn’t believe. For another group of us it stuck and we then began to say it ourselves. We began to believe. “You can change the world” at some point changed to “I can change the world”. At that point you began to think about all the ways you could accomplish that feat. For all of your great ideas do not forget that in order to be successful in changing the world you will have to at some point change yourself. 

Growth is Key

     You will have to change yourself because you weren’t born with the power to snap your fingers and immediately grant your wishes. However, you were born with everything you need to make your wishes come true. You were born with unlimited potential. That potential is raw and ready to be transformed. The way to transform your potential into reality is to grow your ability to access it. That is where the change comes in. Growth is an outcome of change. Change is a prerequisite for growth. The more you grow the more you change. The more you change the more you grow. 

     With that in mind your goal should be to continue to change throughout your life. Do not fall into that egotistical trap that says you are good just the way you are and you don’t need to change. Do not take it as criticism. Take it as motivation. Growth is the fuel of life. The more you grow the more you take in. Your life expands. Your world expands. This is true in all aspects of your well-being whether it’s emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, physical or occupational.

Challenge Yourself

     So while you sit and plot on all the great actions you are going to take to change the world make sure you take into account how you are going to change yourself as well. Set goals on how you want to improve an aspect of your life that needs improvement. Set goals on how you want stop doing something you’ve been doing your whole life because it hasn’t produced the results you expected to achieve by now. Yes you may feel comfortable doing things the way you’ve always done them. As humans we always seek to find comfort. Yet we all know the good stuff happens when we get out of our comfort zone.

     For example you may be doing exceptionally well in your occupation. You can point to so many things to be proud of at your job. If you just keep doing what you are doing you are well on your way to a great retirement (in 25 years). Yet if you decide to make the effort to change even the slightest bit you can accelerate your advances and reach aspirations you didn’t even know you had. That is why all of the top people in your occupation have coaches and mentors. They are looking for guidance on the things they need to change in order to take that exponential step. If you sit with any leader in your occupation they will happily tell you how they have changed over time. Challenge yourself to do the same. 

Seize What is Rightfully Yours

     In order to change you must grow. In order to grow you must learn. After you learn you must take action. You may have to take large, expansive action or you may have to take small, pinpointed action. Either way you will have to take action. This will take discipline and commitment. No matter how much potential you have it will never be accessed until you decide to access it. You will never change until you decide to change. Make the decision now and seize what is rightfully yours.

     The joy of being a parent is to see your kids grow from a thought between you and their mother/father into full-fledged functioning adults. From the day they were born they were told that they could change the world. As they went to school and gained experience they changed from a happy go lucky child to a determined successful adult. Those children will change the world but it all starts with the change they conquer within. The same is true for you. You must first focus on changing yourself and then the world will follow. Take some time this week to reflect on some changes you want to make in your life. Quickly follow that reflection with some definitive action and you will be well on the way to achieving the change you need to change the world. As always I wish you the best and enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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