Dwell on the Beauty of Life

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”

Marcus Aurelius

     This week’s quote is your reminder to pause and take in the beauty of life. In this fast paced environment it is easy to get lost in the mix of constant activity. When we are lost we often miss out on what is right in front of us. There is a beautiful life in front of you and I would hate for you not to take the time to see it. Take a minute to see your beautiful life and all the possibilities within it.

     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you are the beholder. You can see that beauty anytime you wish, all you have to do is pause and take it in. It’s wonderful to have this ability. It’s a shame not to use it. All it takes is a determined effort to do so. You are determined to do well in so many areas of your life. Make sure you are determined to see the beauty of life as well.

     There are many great ways to dwell on the beauty of life. You could simply take a walk at lunch today. While you are on that walk take notice of everything around you. Look at the trees and the beauty of nature. Think about how that tree survives year after year. Think about the value that tree brings to you by supply oxygen for you to breathe. Think about the habitat that tree provides for so many animals and insects. Think about the fact that the tree loses all of it's leaves in the fall only to return in full vibrance in the spring. That tree is beautiful and all you have to do is think and you will see it all.

While on your walk look at all the different people you encounter along the way. Greet each one of them with a smile. That smile will give that person joy. That joy may take them from being upset to being happy, even if just for that moment. The receipt of that joy may increase their joy and cause them to smile at the next person they encounter. This will spread the joy to many others. Sharing is such a beautiful experience that is available to you anytime you decide to use it.

     While on your walk stop and just take a moment to practice the technique of visualization. Just stand still and think of something you desire, something you love or something you are grateful for at that moment. See yourself doing, being or interacting with that something. Visualize the beauty of that something as if it is right in front of you. Think in every detail possible. Think about how you feel in that moment. Think about all five senses you would have at that moment (taste, feel, see, touch & hear). That vision will be beautiful. For that moment the beauty of life will be right in front of you. You will be engulfed in it. You will be happy for it.

      By taking one of the actions above you will force yourself to take in the beauty of life. If you follow the visualization technique you will transform yourself into that beauty as if it is happening right in front of you. The real beauty of life is that it is actually happening right in front of you. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on that. Take the time now to pause and take in the beauty of life. Every day that you decide to will have a wonderful impact on your life.

Have a great week!


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