Exercise Your Gift of Creation

"I think you have to show homage to creators."

Brendan Fraser

    This week I have decided to adjust the format and not tell a short story as an introduction.  This week I want to jump right into the discussion.  For this week’s topic you don’t need a story.  The reason you don’t need a story is because this week’s reminder is Creators Create.  Yes, you my friend are a creator.  You have a gift that allows you to take an idea from your head and make it into a reality.  Unfortunately too many of us take that gift for granted or even worse don’t realize the enormity of the gift within.  My goal is to remind you of that gift so that you can either continue to or immediately begin to act on it.

You Did Not Create Your Circumstances

     Let’s take an inventory of your current life.  You were born into a family that you did not choose.  Your parents are either together or they are not.  You were born into a body that you did not choose.  You can either run fast and jump high or you cannot.  You were either born a male or a female.  You can either birth a baby or you cannot.  You didn’t get to choose your current circumstances.  However, because you are a creator you can alter, change or influence those circumstances.  This is the reason that we live.  Think about how boring life would be if everything was predetermined and no matter what actions you took things would stay the same.  Even if you disagree it doesn’t matter because we all know life isn’t like that.

      For you and I life is an opportunity.  It is an opportunity to live whether you deem your circumstances good or bad.  If you feel your circumstances are good you have an opportunity to use them to create an even better life for yourself.  If you feel your circumstances are bad you have an opportunity to make them irrelevant to the success you can have in life.  You have both opportunities because you are a creator.  When you look at life as an opportunity you remove the limits and boundaries that may hold you back if you let them.  This is your life and you have the responsibility to make the most of it.  No one else is going to do it for you.  Therefore it’s important to see life’s challenges, hardships, failures, successes, wins and good fortune all as opportunities.  

You Can Make an Impact

       No matter the circumstance you have an opportunity to have an impact on them.  You can impact your life with your ability to create.  Yet having the ability is not enough.  To impact your life you must take action.  As a creator you must do just that, you must create.  You cannot sit by idly and expect to create.  You can’t watch hours and hours of television for no other purpose than to keep you entertained and expect to create.  You can’t say you desire something but never set a goal or make a plan and expect to create.  In order to create you must decide to get in the game.  You must turn off the television and turn on the brain cells.  You must open your journal, define your goal and develop an action plan to achieve it.  That is how creators create and I reiterate, you my friend are a creator.

       You are a creator in simple and complex forms.  You put the outfit you have on right now together.  You created your look.  That paycheck that you receive, no matter how large or small, was created by the work you completed.  The process you follow to clean your house and mow your lawn was created by you.  Even if you borrowed it from your parents you have added your own twist throughout the years.  The relationship you have with your friends and family was created by you.  If you are a mother that carried a child to birth you and the father created that beautiful child.  Some of you are inventors and have taken an idea from the ideation stage to ultimately launch it into the market.  All you have to do is pause and think about it.  You will quickly see or realize something that you have created.

Develop a Habit

     Regardless if you see many things or just a few things you have created it is time to acknowledge you will create much more.  It is your duty and you welcome the opportunity.  You are a creator and Creators Create.  This is your reminder not to take that gift lightly.  Make it a daily focus to think about the things you are going to create that day.  You don’t have to build an electric car or design a process to save the company millions of dollars every day.  Creating can be both simple and complex.  Do not neglect the simple and do not avoid the complex.  You can create them both.  All it takes is action on your part.  If you are looking for a best practice try adding a new habit to your daily routine.  Take your journal out at the beginning of the day and write a few short sentences on what you plan to create that day.  For example my plan for today was to write a reminder that helps the reader not only understand their gift of creation but also motivates them to act on it.  After all the more you create the better this world will be for you and me.  I can only hope that I achieved that goal.  Even if I didn’t, I exercised my gift of creation by writing this reminder.  Creators create and writing this reminder is just one of many actions I will take to emphasize that fact.  As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.


With Gratitude,


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