Have You Gotten Addicted?

Have you gotten addicted to fear?  Stay with me a few more seconds before answering.

Do you find yourself always noticing what is wrong?  Think about your conversations throughout the day.  Think about what keeps your attention.  Think about where you give your energy.

Think about those that are close to you.  Do you actively praise them for what they do right with the same energy you give when they do wrong?  You may get upset because you expect better.  Yet, when they do better, you don't give that same level of excitement.

Think about your career or business.  Do you base your actions on improving what's wrong much more than optimizing what is working?  Do you make yourself fit a mold, not because it is you, but because you don't want to upset others?  Do you prefer to keep it safe versus trying and failing?

Think about you.  Do you even know who you are?  Do you know what brings out the best in you?  Do you know what you excel at?  I know you know your weaknesses.  I'm not even going to ask.

The answers to the questions above will tell you if you are addicted to fear. Fear is a human emotion.  We all will experience It.  Yet, It should never lead any category of your life.

We should point out what is right much more than what is wrong.  What we give energy to we attract.  That is the power of gratitude.

We should praise the people close to you much more than pointing out their flaws.  We want to attract more of their great qualities.

We should put more emphasis on what's going well in our careers and businesses.  We want more of it.

We should not only know our strengths but also play to them.  Those strengths are what will lead to prosperity.

Notice that I used the term, more, often in saying what we should do.  More doesn't mean you never do the opposite.  The point of this writing is not to condemn you for pointing out what's wrong.  The point is for you to increase your awareness to make sure you are pointing out what's right more.

More of pointing out what's right makes this world better.  More of pointing out what's right makes you Better Today.

With gratitude,


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