Help Yourself to Think Abundance

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

Wayne Dyer

     You just started your car and surprise your check engine light is on. This is so frustrating. You have had a few problems with this car and here’s another one. You’ve also had some expenses come in this month that weren’t planned so your budget is blown. You really don’t want to have to pay for a major repair right now. You just want your car to work like it is supposed to. What if you have to replace the engine? What if the catalytic converter needs to be replaced again? What if the cost is so high that you will have to think about getting a new car? You really don’t want to add that expense to your finances either. You don’t want this hassle at all. You are worried about what this check engine light means and you don’t realize it is ruining your day. Your limited funds are causing an unwanted fear again and you just wish it would stop.

     Have you ever experienced a situation in the past? Maybe this was your experience this morning. Maybe you are a unicorn and have never experienced anything like this in your life.   These types of situations are part of life and how you handle them will determine the type of life you will have. There is no denying the current situation at hand. The person in this example did have a limited amount of funds at the time. If the check engine light caused a financial obligation this would cause a problem that would have to be solved. Solving that problem may be difficult. This problem could cause heartache and pain. The problem could cause missed meals, missed experiences, lost time, anger, frustration and the list goes on. Regardless of what the effects the problem would still have to be solved.

It Takes Focus to Solve Problems

     What does it take to solve a problem? It takes focus. You must focus on the solutions so you need your mind at its sharpest state. It takes commitment. Some problems don’t go away with ease so you must be committed to follow through until you have the right solution. It takes discipline. You must take disciplined actions to solve the problem or your risk your approach to solve them not working.   It takes a positive mindset. Negativity can only hinder your efforts so you need to be positive in your approach as well. Most of all to solve a problem you must bring the best of you to that problem. When you bring your best you increase the odds of your ability to solve a problem. Therefore make sure you are focusing on the right things.

     When you focus on fear you are not at your best. When you focus on worry you are not at your best. When you focus on frustration you are not at your best. When you focus on anger you are not at your best. All of those feelings are part of life but they are not the best part of life. Les Brown has a wonderful acronym for the word fear. He state that F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. In the example of the check engine light you are feeling fear, worry, anger or frustration for what might be. You don’t even know if the check engine light is a major problem or not. All you know is that you have a limited amount of funds and you believe you can’t handle this problem because of that. You are feeding your scarcity mindset. You see limits and believe them to be the end.

Think to Benefit not to Hamper

   Yet in reality the check engine light being on is just the beginning. It is the beginning and fortunately the end is unknown. You still have plenty of time to impact the unknown. That is why it is important that instead of thinking scarcity you should think abundance. Instead of thinking about your limited funds think about the abundance of ways you may not have to use your funds. If you do have to use your funds think about the abundance of ways you can increase your funds to handle any potential expense. When you think abundance you take different actions than when you think scarcity. Sometimes when you think scarcity you take no actions at all. Thinking abundance will cause you to take actions like googling your vehicle and common reasons your check engine light will come on. Thinking abundance will cause you to take actions like moving some money around or selling that item you’ve been keeping but never use before you even know if you need the money at all. Thinking abundance will have you engaging with the service advisor with a positive attitude which may help them work with you on any costs required.

     The beauty of thinking abundance is that good things will happen to you because of your mindset. For example when you Google the check engine problem you will find that the gas cap is a common problem with your car. You will then check the gas cap and realize it’s not clicking anymore. After a quick trip to the dealer you’ve purchased a new gas cap, replace your old one and the check engine light is no longer on. On the other spectrum you find out you do need a new engine. Yet because you kept an abundance mindset and didn’t let this problem bother you, you were able to do so well on your interview that you got the new job you wanted. That new job is just what you needed to handle this added expense. I don’t know what your outcome will be in this situation. What I do know is that having an abundance mindset is only going to help you get through any situation. It will not hurt you. The same cannot be said about fear, worry, anger or frustration. You need to avoid them at all cost. The best way to do that is to think abundance.

     You are on a journey called life that will come with many ups and downs. You have one responsibility and that responsibility is to maximize all of those ups and downs. Thinking abundance is one way to help maximize them both. When you think abundance you diminish your fear, worry, anger and frustration because you know that there is more than enough. There are more than enough solutions out there to solve your problems. There are more than enough opportunities to share in the joy of this world. There’s more than enough money for us all. There is more than enough food. There is more than enough love. You just have to keep an open mind and take action to access it. Think abundance and you will be able to access it all. As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.


With Gratitude,


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