Take Action to Gain Clarity

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thinking about it.”    

                                          Marie Forleo

      The mind is the most powerful asset you have been given.  You use it every day to either get you through the day or to take you to new heights you could never have imagined.  Yet, sometimes things aren’t always clear in your minds.  Sometimes you just don’t know exactly what to do.  These are times when you need clarity.  You need to figure things out so that you can get the results you desire. However, you can never get that clarity by simply thinking about it.  The only way you will ever get clarity is to take action and engage. 

     Have you ever heard the term analysis paralysis? That is when someone analyzes something to the point that they never actually make a decision.  They search and search for that golden nugget that will clearly direct them on what they need to do.  Yet, because they never actually find a golden nugget they feel is worthy of them taking the next step they end up paralyzed and stuck right where they began.  They have wasted an enormous amount of energy to get zero results. 

      Maybe even worse is the person who is waiting for that inspiration to fall out of the sky and then they will know exactly what to do.  This is the person who when asked what do you want to do in life, they say “I’m not sure.”  They have had some success in life but are nowhere near where they ultimately want to be.  They see others get inspired and hope one day they too will find their inspiration.

Every Reality Started with A Thought 

      In both cases that person can set aside some time to think through each situation.  They can plan out 2 hours of their day to focus on determining what decisions they need to make.  This is definitely time well spent.  Everyone should pause and allow your mind to do what it is built to do and that is to think.  Every great manifestation on this earth has come from someone’s thinking.  Everything you have ever created started with a thought.

     However, thinking will only take you so far.  At some point you will have to engage.  You will have to take action.  When you decide to engage and take action you will ultimately learn.  You will learn whether your thinking was right or wrong.  You will learn what small or large changes you need to make to your thinking.  You will have evidence that will make things clearer to you.  You will have the clarity that only can be achieved through experience.  At some point you have to stop thinking and start doing.  That is when the magic will happen. 

How to Get Clarity 

     In order to get the clarity you need you must make sure you are taking actions from your thinking.  Therefore you should always focus on taking action.  There is a reminder I have on my desk that helps me remember this task.  It states “I am doing something today to bring me a little closer to my dreams.”  The purpose of that reminder is to remind you to take action.  With each action you take you gain a little more knowledge than you had before you took that action.  That knowledge helps you gain clarity. That clarity confirms you are on the right track to achieve your desires. 

     You will never truly know if you enjoy something until you do it.  You can think you will but it will not be clear until you have experience.  Take action now to get that experience.  If something isn’t clear don’t just sit there and think about it, go do something to helps you gain clarity.  What we think is great but a thought only becomes real when you take action on it.  Sometimes those actions will solidify your thinking and sometimes those actions will show you that you weren’t thinking correctly.  In both instances you benefit greatly from taking action. 

    Many of you are faced with the quandary of not knowing what action to take.  There you go thinking too much again.  There are so many resources available to you to help you decide what action to take.   Google, LinkedIn, Webinars, Podcasts, Mentors, Books, Mastermind Groups, Social Media.  There’s no excuse for not finding some advice on an action to take.  The key is to find one and then take it.  That is the only way you are going to gain the clarity you need to achieve the success you desire.  It may sound like a lot of work and yes it is.  However, it is the best work you could ever do for yourself.  Clarity is what you need and only you can go out and get it.

      Yes it is true the thinkers are the ones who will have the most success in life.  That is because they have made the decision to utilize the most powerful asset they have been given.  When you don’t think you leave life to chance and circumstance.  Yet thinking alone is not the answer.  It is only the first step.  In order to get what you desire you have to have clarity.  You need clarity on what makes you tick.  You need clarity on the right actions to take.  You need clarity on what path to follow.  You need clarity on what goals to set.  With that clarity you will achieve all that you desire.  After your next brainstorming session, whether it be internal or external, get engaged and take action to get the clarity on whether you are on the right path or not.  Otherwise all of your thinking will amount to less than optimal results.  So take action and take it now to gain the clarity you need to get the results you desire.  As always I wish you the best and enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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