I am a King

“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.”
                     Pietro Aretino

     There are many people who feel it is taboo to call yourself a king unless you rule over a defined land and people.  However, the definition of a king1 is – the male ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.  Based on this definition I believe we are all kings.  It is therefore important to be reminded of that fact to ensure we rule accordingly. 

            You were given life at birth.  Your parents were there to nurture and help you grow.  They did those things with the clear distinction that you would take over your life at some point.  Your parents passed on beliefs and helped educate you but at the point you took over there was nothing left they could do.  At some point you took over your own life because it was your birthright.
      The state that we rule over is our own life.  Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and results are all part of our own state2.  We own them.  We have full rule over them.  Your beliefs may have been handed down to you from your parents but you own them.  You have the ability to change them.  You have the ability to create new ones.  Unfortunately many of us don’t take the time to fully understand our beliefs.  The beliefs are there but we compartmentalized them to a point where they become buried or even forgotten.

     It is important to take command of your beliefs because your thoughts are determined by those beliefs.  Everything that you are thinking can be tied to a belief that you have inside of you.  Sometimes you clearly know that belief and sometimes it is so deep within you that you need help to confirm what it is.  Regardless if the belief is known or unknown, when you have certain beliefs you will think in certain ways.  Everything that is happening in your life is impacted by your thoughts.

     Your life is impacted by your thoughts because those thoughts will determine your feelings.  Feelings are important because of the energy they bring to your life.  Some feelings are positive in nature and therefore bring positive energy.  Some feelings are negative and bring negative energy.  Some feelings are neutral and bring a calm peaceful energy.  Make no mistake feelings are fuel for your everyday life because of the energy they bring.

   Every day you will take action.  From the time you wake until the time you go to sleep.  The type of action you take will be greatly impacted by your feelings.   Take any example of an action you will take and think about how it would be impacted by you being happy, mad, or serene.  We all do things when we are mad that we would not do if we were happy.  We all have seen a calm person act very different than someone extremely happy or sad.

      The culmination of all your actions will determine the results that you have in life.  Sometimes you may think that a certain action caused a certain result.  However, typically you are just seeing the last action before the result.  Many actions you have taken have actually led to that result.  Some of them are direct and many are indirect.  Yet they all are important.  Since they all are important you must rule over every action you take to make sure you get the results that you desire in life.

       We are all kings.  We have a state known as our own life that we rule.  We were given that state at birth.  It is ours and the decisions we make will determine the success of that state.  The key aspects we need to follow when ruling over our life are  to understand our beliefs because they will drive our thoughts, to monitor our thoughts because they will drive our feelings, to understand our feelings will impact our actions and to know that every action we take will determine our results.  With that knowledge you now have the winning formula on how to rule over your life.  Now go forth and be the king your life deserves.

Have a great week,
1 The word king can be replaced with queen.  This is non gender specific.  We are all kings and queens.
2Formula based on the teachings of Life Coach Brooks Castillo
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