Imagination is Everything

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
                                                                                  Albert Einstein
     What is imagination? Imagination is merely a collection of thoughts in our minds about something that doesn’t exist in our lives. If you had to describe an imagination with words the first sentence would most likely start with “What if”. That “What if” could be something material or it could be something immaterial. Regardless, a good imagination is usually something that we would welcome becoming a reality. It is true that imagination does not have to be limited to a desire. Sometimes we imagine things we don’t want to come true. However today’s narrative will not focus on that type of imagination. We will save that for another day when topics like worry and doubt are discussed. Now let’s get back to the good imagination.

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

     One of the greatest enjoyments in life is the human beings ability to create. We have been creating ever since we first set foot on this Earth. We have all read the history of some monumental creations such as the airplane, the light bulb and the telephone. When those inventions were first created people were all amazed by their mere existence. Do not let today’s technological advances dull you of the amazement of the things that have been and are currently being created. It is amazing because everything that has ever been invented started from someone’s imagination. That imagination has truly been the preview of life’s coming attraction. Thankfully there are many more attractions to come in all of our lives.

     We all have millions of thoughts per day. Some of those thoughts are conscious and some of those thoughts are subconscious. Some of those thoughts are simple and some are complex. Some of those thoughts are directive and some of those thoughts are inquisitive. Some of those thoughts are positive and some of those thoughts are negative. When you imagine something you have conscious thoughts about something that doesn’t currently exist in your life. If you imagine it enough your subconscious mind will work to make those thoughts a reality. By continuously imagining you are programming your subconscious to work towards that goal. That means you are in full control of both your conscious and subconscious thoughts. That is why you are in full control of the outcomes of your life. Imagination plays a vital role in the outcome of everyone’s life.

     Remember the formula that Brooks Castillo teaches in her life coach master studies. We have beliefs, those beliefs lead us to thoughts, those thoughts create feelings, those feelings lead to actions and those actions lead to your results. When you imagine something you have thoughts about something you believe can happen. The more you imagine it the more you will begin to be emotionally tied to it happening. It will excite you to think about it. That excitement will lead to you taking action, some small and some large. Action after action will lead to results. There will be failures along to the way which will result in you learning and you will incorporate those learnings into your next actions. There will also be some successes which you will also incorporate into your next actions. Eventually what you imagined will become something real and tangible. It is the how the world works. It is how the universe works. It is the cycle that your creator blessed you with the day you were born.

Shoot For The Stars

     This is your reminder to not let the power that you were given go to waste. What is the last good thing you remember imagining and then it actually happened? If that question is not quickly answered you have a duty to start imagining something good right now. Imagine that something in all its glory. Do not sell that imagination short. Shoot for the stars. Continue to imagine it over and over again. Then one day in the near future that imagination will no longer be an imagination, it will be brought to life. I am excited just imagining that fact right now. As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.

Have a great week

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