Love Is Not In Question

Inspiration behind the video:   A Reminder that you should never question love.  You must always take the time to give and receive it.

Why is this important?:   Love is energy.  Energy fuels our existence.  By giving and receiving love your existence is maximized.  Your energy is transformed from potential to kinetic.  You become the flow.

What should you do next?:   Go out and love.  Go out and be loved.  Do not question it.  Just let it happen.

Love Is Not In Question

The Lyrics


Why is it even in question?


Love is all around us

Like energy in waves

It can easily be dormant

If attention is not paid


Attention on the actions

That you must take every day

To give and receive the energy

The enlightened absorbed and gave


And once you are enlightened

You see how life should be

You'll no longer accept

A life lacking of the energy


Energy from love

Is not some fairy tale

Whether science or religion

It's truth has been detailed


Love is not in question

It's the answer that you need

Love is not in question

It's the answer that you need


What also has been proven

As you sat in class at school

Is that energy is not destroyed

Or even created just by you


It is merely transferred 

Between parties that exist

Whether sitting as potential

Or the flow know as kinetic


This is your Reminder

To never let love go

Take the necessary action

To make sure that it flows


And because you are enlightened

You understand what is within

Your potential is infinity

Self love is where life begins


Go and love your neighbor

Your husband or your wife

Your family and your friends

Or anyone in sight


Love is not in question

It's the answer that you need


The love that you have given

Will come back in many ways

As you accomplish the mission

To be Better in this day













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