You see the picture on the milk carton. You see the story on the news. You see the post on social media. You feel sad. You feel for the family. You hope for the best and you pray for the missing.

That’s what happens when you don’t know the missing. Now imagine the missing is a close friend, a family member, a business partner, or a member of your tight-knit community. Not only do you feel, but you also act. You post the missing person fliers. You sit with the family and comfort them. You speak to the authorities. You make it your mission to help find the missing person.

In both situations, someone is missing. Yet, depending on the situation your actions differ. In a situation where you don’t know the person, your actions are commendable. In the situation where you know the person, your actions will potentially lead to finding the person.

Now let’s talk about who you know. Do you know the real you? Have you ever met that person? When I say real, I’m not talking about who you are right now. I’m not talking about the you who was conditioned from birth to see limits. I’m not talking about the you that is bombarded with negativity 24 hours a day and now you live in fear.

I’m talking about the version of you that can do anything. Anything as in whatever you set your mind to do. This is the person who handles every obstacle faced with grace and execution. This is the person who gets the job done, whatever the job may be. This is the person who is truly living in prosperity because prosperity is what has been created with your hands.

There’s a good chance that you don’t know that person. If you don’t know that person that means that person is missing. The face of the best version of you is on a milk carton. A news segment just featured the story of your disappearance.

Now you are sad. You feel for yourself. You hope for the best and you pray that the best version of you is found. This is what the majority of all of us do. We’ve never known the best version of ourselves, so we don’t go all out to find that person.

Some of us don’t even believe that person exists. In that case, no one is missing. In that case, even less effort is made to find the real you. Let’s quickly eliminate you from that population of people. If that is you, then you need to be reading a book on beliefs. You need to go work on your beliefs about yourself. Unfortunately, I believe it is too much to cover all I once. I’m only going to focus on those who believe in their own potential.

So now that we are focused, let’s work on you getting to know the best version of yourself. As a reminder, you act differently when you know the person that is missing. If you knew the best version of yourself, you would be a flier on every pole in your community. You would sit with yourself and comfort yourself until the real you is found. You would go to the authorities and help them with the search. You would make it your mission to find the missing you. This is where I’m trying to get you to go.

There is only one way that I can get you to go there. There is only one way for you to get to know the missing you. The only way this is going to happen is with help from your Creator. I will from this point refer to your Creator as God. However, I am not pushing any religion or belief on you. Replace God with whatever you believe. The Universe, Energy, Yahweh, The Buddha, Chance, or any other belief you have. I am a firm believer that since we are not the Creator, none of us really know the right name to use. Therefore, I judge no one for their choice.

So how can God help you get to know the missing you? The answer to that is simple. You must communicate with God so that God can show you that person. How do you communicate with God? No, the answer is not prayer. Prayer is a one-way communication. The communication I’m speaking of is imagination. Yes, what you think is “your” imagination, is two-way communication with God.

Before you disagree and point out the fact that people imagine killing someone all the time, let me explain. As I stated, this is two-way communication. Yet, you are the initiator. If you imagine killing someone, you initiated that. God is not going to stop you unless you want to stop yourself. Too often people confuse all the good that God has provided with a delusion that everything will be good. God created you in the likeness and that likeness gives you power. What you decide to do with it is on you. Until you take full responsibility, you will never effectively communicate with God.

If you want to get to know the best version of yourself, you initiate the ask. Your ask will be answered. Let’s test the theory. First, think about a problem in your life. Not something you think might happen, but something that is here right now. You don’t have to imagine it. It exists. Now close your eyes and imagine that problem is gone. Imagine yourself creating all the needed actions to make the problem go away. Imagine your strength. Imagine your creativity. Imagine your determination. Imagine how you feel right now with the problem gone and never to return.

Feels good, doesn’t it? It only feels good because you initiated a good experience. If you wanted to imagine the problem never goes away, you could have easily done so. I would bet you’ve already imagined that a million times. You intimately know that outcome because you’ve imagined it so many times. You’ve made that future feeling of that problem lasting forever become a feeling in the present. You are one powerful person to be able to effectively time travel. Too bad you’ve only been using your power negatively.

That is the power that God has given you. God can create whatever God wants to create. Seems that someone created in God’s likeness should have a like power. You must start using your power for the greater good. Use that power to get to know the best version of you. Initiate communication with God and imagine what that person is like. Imagine and imagine often.

Eventually, you will get to know who and what’s missing. With that knowledge, you will now do what it takes to be found.

Consider yourself Reminded.

With Gratitude,


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