New Day; New Plan

"Create each day anew."
    Morihei Ueshiba

         You have the opportunity of a lifetime. All you need is a $20,000 small business loan and you can make that opportunity come to life. The loan officer at your bank comes back to the desk and she has the decision on whether they will approve the loan. Your application is denied. You walk in knowing you would get the loan approved; yet this denial is right here staring you in the face. There are so many emotions flowing through you that you don’t know which one to attach.  You are angry.  You are disappointed.  You are in disbelief.  You are sad.  You want to be confrontational.  You want to try to see her point of view.  You want to cuss her out. You want to tell her thank you for trying.  You want to break down and cry because you know it’s your fault you are in this situation.  You want to get up and walk out to never try again.  In the end you decide to accept the decision and begin working on the plan.  You are successful and you plan to stay that way.  So as you leave from the bank you can walk out with some hope.  Tomorrow will be a brand new day.  When you wake up tomorrow you get to start on your new plan; your new plan for success.  Today did not go as planned but failure is a part of life. Letting it deter you will not help you be successful. The best way to gain that highly coveted success is to begin the day anew. 

        What does it mean to begin the day anew?  What it means is that you begin the day anyway you want to because you own the moment.  That current moment is the only one you can impact.  You can’t impact the past because it is just that, the past.  The culmination of your current actions will impact the future but when it does actually happen it will be in the present moment.  Beginning the day anew means to start the day with a fresh attitude as a new and improved you.  Being new and improved gives you a feeling of optimism, confidence and gratefulness all wrapped up in one.  For you to begin the day anew you decide to begin your day in the best means possible. Doing so will maximize your results day in and day out.  When you begin your day anew you make the decision that you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best, mediocrity or substandard results are unacceptable.

    Two Things to Account For

        There are two main aspects to take into account when starting the day anew.  The first is to not let your past bog you down.  This is by far the most difficult task that many of us have to accomplish.  In your mind your past is real.  You can play it over and over again.  Any pain associated with it can be immediately felt just by bringing up the memory.  If you accumulated $100,000 in debt over the past 20 years that debt is not in your past.  That debt is real.  If you lost a friend to cancer that friend is not hear today to send you a text or give you a call.  If you lost your leg in a car accident that leg is not going to grow back.  Yet all of those things did happen in the past.  Today is a new day.  You must learn to accept the outcome no matter how difficult it may be.  You must learn to accept your responsibility in any of the results of your life both good and bad.  You must learn to forgive yourself for falling short or not making the decision you can clearly see now was the right decision.  Accepting the outcomes, taking responsibility and forgiving yourself are the only ways to prevent the past from holding you back.  Once you do those things you can move forward at peace with the past.  Better yet you can now use the past as teaching tools to help improve today.  All failure is an opportunity to learn and learning is a necessary part of life.

        The second main aspect to take into account is the fact that you are one day wiser today.  You becoming wiser should not be taken lightly; rather, it should be celebrated heavily.  On your 30th birthday you would have accumulated over 10,000 days on this Earth.  Each one of those days is an opportunity to add to your wisdom.  Every day you exist you continue to stack up wisdom that is at your disposal to use in the current moment.  That wisdom is yours and can never be taken away.  The wiser you are the more effective your awareness.   The wiser you are the better decisions you will make.  You can take the good decisions you made in the past and repeat them today.  With your wisdom you can also improve on those good decisions and make them great for today.  The smallest piece of incremental wisdom can be that tipping point to get you that coveted success you desire.  Now that your bank of accumulated wisdom has increased you can now start the day anew knowing you are more powerful now than ever.  The power of your wisdom should always be acknowledged when you begin the day anew.

    The Daily Reminder

         Deciding to begin the day anew is a choice.  Yet with life’s circumstances and distractions you may often times forget to do so.  That is why the first reminder in the Daily Reminder is Reborn (I am Reborn).  Every day it is important to begin the day acknowledging you will start the day anew.  You will take the opportunity to accept your past outcomes, take responsibility for your results and forgive yourself for falling short.  You will then acknowledge that your power bank has increased because today you are one day wiser.  Both of those choices are yours to make.  Both of those choices are must haves if you are serious about getting the most out of life.  By choosing to believe you can start the day anew you set in motion the feelings, actions and results that are necessary for you to win in life.  If you choose not to do so you will be leaving a lot of great success on the table.  Don’t make the easy difficult or the simple complex, just take the necessary time each day to remind yourself that you are reborn and therefore can begin the day anew.  As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.


    With gratitude,


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