Practice Gratitude

Inspiration behind the video:   A Reminder to take the time to practice gratitude.  Being grateful is a practice that can reverse the unhealthy impact stress can have on your life.

Why is this important?:   Your feelings are energy.  Negative energy impacts you negatively.  Positive energy impacts you positively.  You can impact yourself positively by taking the time to genuinely practice gratitude.

What should you do next?:   Create a gratitude practice and stick to it.  Think of 3 things you are grateful for before going to bed at night.  Wake up and think of 3 things you are grateful for when you brush you teeth in the morning.  Write 5 things you are grateful for in a journal (we have a great one).  If none of those work for you create your own practice.

Practice Gratitude

The Lyrics


You say that you are grateful

And you see no need to learn

But the stress that you've been having

Is a legitimate concern


Concern that you are failing

To see life for what it is

When you fully open up

You understand the gets and gives


Sometimes you will get lucky

Many times you just will not

By expressing grateful thoughts

You can always give a lot


By giving of your effort

You get something in return

This is a winning practice

That many must relearn


Learn to practice having

The gratifying thoughts

About all the things in life

That you appreciate a lot


From the wind that blows the air

To the lungs that help you breathe

To the optimistic passion

For the things that you can achieve


From the family that loves you

To the roof above your head

To the failures you encounter

That help you get ahead


You must lean on Gratitude

To maximize your life

By choosing to neglect it

You are giving up your rights


The right to better health

Despite the unwelcome mess

Choose to feel the happiness

As you minimize the stress


This is your Reminder

To practice Gratitude

There are many things that matter

That can change your attitude


Do this practice often

There's no doubt that you will see

The power of being Grateful

And how incredible you can be


To be a Better Man

A Better Man Today














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