Reflect 4
Four questions to remind you daily

Today we have a chance.   A chance to know our greatness.  Yes, you are great.  This is your Reminder.  To help you see your greatness, you need to answer these four questions today.  What you believe will drive your thinking.  What you think will determine your feelings.  Your feelings will influence your actions.  Your actions will get you results.  Answering these four questions will help you get the results you desire by setting your intention for the day.  Those results are what you deserve.  You deserve those results Today.

Beliefs > Thinking > Feelings > Actions = Results


Who am I?  The answer to this question is not to be based solely on past experience or even current evidence.  Answering in that fashion may be problematic because that may not be who you are but instead who you have been.  Who you are must always be a matter of what you believe.  Belief in yourself is the currency of self-worth.

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What do I think I can achieve?  What you think is what you can achieve.  It is true that you are not all knowing.  You may not know how, and you may not when.   However, you must always think that you can.  In order to achieve in life, it must start with consistent thought.

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How am I going to live today?  Today you have an opportunity.  You have an opportunity to get something done.  You have an opportunity to live.  You must choose to live in action.  Action is the only pathway to getting any results in life.

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What am I grateful for?  Emotions are energy.  The energy of gratitude is powerful. Summon that energy daily by consciously being grateful for a specific thing and acknowledging the accompanying feeling.  The gratitude plus the feeling exponentially transforms energy into the fuel you need to take on the day.

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Example from my journal August 18th, 2020

Share your reflection *Your information will remain private. The more research we can do on how others believe, think, feel and act, the better we can tailor our reminders for the betterment of us all.

  • I am someone who has the ability to help people feel positive in spite of any negativity they feel in life. I am a problem solver. I am a creator.
  • I think I can achieve financial freedom in a lifestyle that satisfies my desires.
  • Today I am bringing energy to everyone I encounter throughout the day.  I am delivering at my job and in my house.
  • I am grateful for my ancestors.  I am inspired by the blood, sweat and tears they shed to survive and subsequently allow me to be born.