Run the Day or the Day Runs You

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

Jim Rohn

     The beauty of life is that when we wake up in the morning we are given a multitude of choices. You may have some circumstances that you did not choose to have but you do get to choose how you live within those circumstances. If you choose to just let those circumstances run their own course you will have no control on the impact they will have on you. If you choose to attack those circumstances the way you think will benefit you best you will control how those circumstances impact you. Either you run the day, or the day runs you.

     Never lose sight of the control you have over life. No matter how things seem they only seem that way because of the way you are thinking. Always believe you are in control. Control doesn’t mean you can snap your fingers and change your circumstances.

     For example, you can’t make the problems of your job magically go away. You can’t flip a switch and instantly become a millionaire. You can’t kiss a frog and make your prince appear before your eyes. What you can do is take the necessary actions to get the best out of a problem at work, a problem with your finances or a problem with relationships

     Those actions are deliberate and they are yours. If you have a problem at work don’t just sit back and get through it. Take charge so that you get through it with flying colors. If you are having financial problems take steps every day to alleviate those problems and build wealth so they never return. If you are having problems in your relationship take steps every day to make it better no matter how big or how small.

     This is just a reminder that every day you wake up make the decision to take control of your life circumstances. Don’t sit back and let the day just play out as it will. Decide to take control of the day so it plays out the way you want it to. Each day that you make that decision will build you a life of better circumstances. You will be stronger. You will be wiser. You will be at peace with any circumstance because you realize you can handle anything life seems to throw at you.

     When you choose to run the day, you choose to get the best out of life regardless of your circumstances. When you don’t then the circumstances you’ve been given will determine what you get out of life. Therefore you should always choose to run the day, or the day will run you.

Have a great week,


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