The Power of Faith

“We simply need to believe in the power that's within us, and use it.”
Benjamin Hoff 

     It has been a long time coming. You have given your blood, sweat and tears to get to this point. There were many times when you wanted to rest because you were tired but instead you decided to go through with it and have another late night. There were so many times when you weren’t sure how you would achieve the outcome; you just knew you had to try. When you take a moment to reflect and look back at it even you are surprised at how you were able to flex your muscle to make things happen. You exercised your power. You know that power that you have within. Actually that power that we all have within. Thankfully we all have much power and when we decide to use that power it will always be there.

     What is a power you have that you can exercise? Knowing the answer to this question is vital to your success in life. Once you identify a power you can acknowledge it and always know it will be therefore for you. Knowing that it’s there makes it so much easier to access. The quicker you can access one of your powers the faster you can begin to exercise it. Life is short and wasting time not exercising a power that you have is not going to benefit you well. Instead of wasting time you should always strive to maximize it. By knowing and exercising your power you will enable the maximizing of every moment of your life.

A Power We All Have 

     Do you need help identifying one of your powers? If the answer is yes then let’s explore an inner power that we all have within. That power is the power of faith. Merriam-Webster defines faith as something that is believed especially with strong conviction. As has been discussed on many occasions your beliefs are integral to the results that get out of life. As an example when confronted with an unwanted outcome to any situation you will have a choice on what you want to believe. You can either have faith that you will be ok and things will work out in the end or you can have fear that this unwanted outcome is going to permanently derail you. You can also land somewhere in the middle and be indifferent to what you see around you. Choosing faith, indifference or fear will determine what actions you decide to take. Just understand that you can only choose one. You cannot have 100% faith and still have fear. You cannot have 100% fear and still have faith. When you are indifferent you have neither faith nor fear because you are basically ignoring what is going on around you.


   People with Faith take very different actions than people who are indifferent or people who have fear. As we describe those actions you will see that the power of faith is strong and thankfully it is easily accessible to use if you choose to do so. A person of faith will believe that you can accomplish what you set out to accomplish. Regardless of what is happening in the moment you will continue to take action to make it happen. A person with faith will see every failure as a learning opportunity. A person with faith will continue trying even when there are no signs that the efforts are making an impact. A person with faith will take a punch, absorb the pain and immediately begin to work on the counterpunch. A person with faith will always believe that there is a way to make things happen and therefore will take action to do so.

The Weakness of Fear and Indifference  

     A person with fear will begin to believe that they will not get the outcome they desire. Because of that fear they will take actions that become detrimental to getting that same outcome. A person in fear will not take risks because they fear the impact if that negative result of the risk becomes reality. A person with fear will look for proof that their fears are reality and therefore will miss opportunities that are right in front of them. People with fear will protect themselves at all cost. On the surface this will look like a smart decision. However, how smart is it to exhaust all of your energy protecting yourself from something that never comes?  How much money, time and effort were spent on Y2K? How many job opportunities have been lost because you were fearful you weren’t qualified for the job? 

     A person who chooses indifference will basically do nothing. By not taking action you leave the results of your life up to the others around you. This is your life and you have a responsibility to control it. You cannot defer that responsibility to someone else. Some religious people will say that they let their creator determine the outcomes of their life. This is not what your creator means by having faith in him/her. Having faith in your creator means that you are blessed to have this life and if you follow the guidance of your creator you will have a great life. In all religions that guidance is for you to take action. Therefore you cannot be indifferent. You cannot be indifferent and maximize the life that you live.

Use Your Power the Right Way

     As you can see you have the power of faith within you. However, this power can be misused so it should be highly respected. You must be very careful with what you decide to have faith in. If you choose to have faith in something harmful you will cause harm because of your faith. This is no different than any power you have within you. That is the same for any power that you see in your daily life. Nuclear energy can power of the lights of your house or it can kill millions of innocent people. Either way it is still very powerful. Sorry for that somber thought but it’s important that you understand the importance of using your power the right way.

     You have many powers within you and faith is just one example. However faith is an important power that you should use and use very well. Take the time to reflect on the many other powers that you have. It shouldn’t take long for you to identify many. Yet, don’t worry. If you are a little challenged there will be future reminders to help you along the way. This week think about your faith and what you have faith in. Once you identify what you have faith in exercise your power and walk in that faith every moment you can. Do not settle for indifference and definitely don’t rely on fear. You have a beautiful journey to live and your powerful faith is going to make it an incredible one. As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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