The Power to Create

“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without”Cecil B. DeMille

   The neighborhood drug dealer is an embarrassment to America.  This person provides customers with a product that they unfortunately want but isn’t good for them.  They want it so bad that they are willing to spend money they don’t have to get it.  They do this initially for a need to get away from their current life circumstances.  They want a temporary “high” to take them away.  Once they experience that temporary “high” they often get addicted to the product because of its addictive qualities.  You too may want a temporary “high” to take you away from the negative aspects of life.  You may want a temporary “high” to take you to the place where you would love to be at all times of your day.  Instead of choosing an illegal street drug you should instead choose creativity.  This is the drug that we can all not live without.

     Why would you ever think of creativity as a drug?  That is because when you create something it can have a physiological effect on you when you take the time to reflect on what you have created. This effect is not the same mind altering, hallucinogenic qualities of some illegal street drug.  Yet it can be ten times better than that effect if you open your mind to allow it.  It is more impactful because the powerful effect is generated from within.  Not only is it generated from within it is also definitive.  You will know exactly what you are going to get.  You won’t be subject to whatever effect the street drug decides to give you after you take it.

      When you create something you exercise a power that was given to you at birth.  That power was either given to you by your own creator, depending on your religious beliefs, or merely by the universe itself.  No matter your beliefs that power is amazing.  You get the benefit of witnessing every day.  A child’s birth, a new innovation, a beautiful new song, a draw dropping action packed movie, an incredible oratory experience from a poet, an incredible piece of art, a flavor infused meal from a Michelin 3 star restaurant, a new way of submitting expense reports that save you 30 minutes of time are all just some small examples of the creativity we get to witness every day.  Yet the power doesn’t just come from the actual creation.  As the creator you get the power from reflecting on the beauty, power or pure awesomeness of the thing you just created.

      Yes you are the person who creates these things.  You are the person who has a mind that can come up with great ideas and then turn them into reality.  You have a unique mind that can create unique things.  You have the ability to give the world the gift of your creativity.  When you think about that power how can you not feel elated?  How can you not feel excitement inside your heart as you think of the impact your creation can have on others?  How can you not feel gratitude through your bones about the fact that you have this great ability?  However you will not feel any of these things if you choose not to reflect on the power of your gift or even worse take it for granted.

     You must never take it lightly that you have the power to create.  Doing so will do a great disservice to your life.  Doing so will also do a great disservice to the world in general.  The more you enjoy creativity the more you will create.  The more you create the more opportunity you get to feel elated, excited and full of gratitude.  The more you create the more opportunity the world will get to receive your gifts.  Do not take that power lightly.  Do not keep yourself from the power you deserve.  Do not keep the world from receiving the power you have to give.

      It doesn’t take much for you to exercise that power either.  All you have to do is take action.  Eagerly take action now to set new plans in motion.  Write down you goals for the things you want to achieve and then go out and do them one step at a time.  If you love to draw grab some drawing materials and create some special drawings.  If you love to create poetry then go grab your poetry journal and create some great poems.  If you love to solve problems do your analysis, eliminate the root cause and create a new way of doing things.  If you love to make improvements in your life then create some new habits that will take you to the next level.  You are unique and your actions will be unique to you.  Your creativity is waiting on you and all you have to do is take action.

     Sometimes we take drugs in an effort to heal us.  The legal kinds are issued by a doctor and hopefully only have to be taken temporarily until we are healed.   Many of the illegal kinds are taken in an effort to take you away from your current circumstances.  In some cases you can become addicted to them and they can cause you much harm.  Creativity is a natural drug that you can consume over and over again.  It can be both permanent and healthy.  Creativity can give you the best of both worlds.    Hopefully when you take the time to think about the beauty of your creations you will get addicted to it as well.  Doing so will make this world a better place.  The world is looking forward to seeing all of your new creations.  Take this reminder as your call to ramp up your creations.  Go out and create for you and the world to enjoy.  As always I wish you the best and to enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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