The Richest Place on Earth

“The cemetery is the richest place on earth. It is filled with all the dreams people took with them to the grave.”

                                            James Powers


     The human potential is unlimited. Everything we do is an effort to reach our potential and live a better life. Luckily we live in a world full of abundance that allows us to tap into that potential. We all have a dream within us that if fulfilled will lead to a rich and abundant life. That includes you.

     You have a dream that is uniquely yours. It is a dream that will lead to richness and abundance. It is a dream that will make your emotions soar to heights you have never had the pleasure of experiencing in all your years. It is a beautiful, award-winning dream.   It is a dream that you are the key to fulfilling. Your dream is so tremendous that if you knew right now it was real you would do everything in your power to accelerate its appearance.  

      Unfortunately the cemetery is filled with not only people but also their unfulfilled dreams. Those dreams had the potential to bring them riches beyond belief and now they no longer have the opportunity to fulfill them. Consider this a reminder that you do not want to add to the population of those unfortunate souls. You have the opportunity to live your dream and you will if you take action now.

You Have a Unique Dream

   What is your dream? Do not take this question lightly. You need to have a dream that makes you feel some type of way. This dream should make you smile when the thought of it flashes across your mind. Those of you who already have this type of dream know the feeling all too well.

     If you know your dream then you should take every opportunity to declare it. You should write it in your journal. You should build it in a vision board. You should post it on social media. You should tell it to your mentor. You should tell it to your mastermind group. You should shout it to the world. This is your dream and you will fulfill it.

     If you don’t know your dream it’s time for you to put in work to define it. As stated before everyone has a dream that will lead to a rich and abundant life. Some of us struggle to know exactly what that dream is and therefore never ending up knowing it in detail.

     One of the main reasons for this struggle is some of us never truly end up knowing ourselves well enough to know that dream. If you really know yourself you will know your dream. Knowing yourself means you know what makes you tick. It means you know what makes you smile. It means you know what makes you feel whole.

      You know you love to create. You know you love to solve problems. You know you love to teach. You know you love to make things grow. You know you love to give. Whatever you love to do will lead you to knowing your unique dream.

Take Action Now

   Once you acknowledge your dream you now have the responsibility to work on making it a reality. That means you will have to take action. Some of those actions will be large and some of those actions will be small. Some of those actions will have immediate gratification and you will see how the results have gotten you a little closer to your dream.

     Most of those actions will be taken in faith because you won’t see the immediate impact. In those cases you just need to believe those actions are the right things to do in order to get to your dream.

     No matter what actions you are taking never forget you are not alone in this journey. Your dream may be unique however your path to get there is not one you will take alone.

     You will need help along the way to get to your dream. You will need mentors. You will need groups of people to give you advice and direction (mastermind groups, potential customers, blog communities, social media groups, etc). Do not make the mistake of trying to go this alone. An old African proverb states, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well it also takes a community to turn a dream into a reality. You need to build your community and then use it to help fulfill your dreams.

Here are a few  actions you need to take:

  1. Define your dream. What is it you want to do in life? What makes you tick?
  2. Build your community to help you achieve your dream.
  3. Do something every day to get you a little closer to your dream.

     An image of a cemetery is a morbid image to share at any time. It’s filled with people that are no longer with us. Yet the cemetery is also a place where inspiration can be found just be taking the time to look for it.

     Some inspiration can be found by feeling gratitude for the time that was spent with those people before they passed. Other inspiration can be obtained by reflecting on the accomplishments those people had while they were here on earth. Those are the easy inspirations to see.

     There is also inspiration knowing that you are still alive and your dream is still available for you to live.  Take action now and live the dream.  Do not allow your dream to die with you.  The cemetery is already rich enough.   

     As always I wish you success and remind you to enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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