The Value We Provide

Value.  This is the word for 2020.

     This is not the value of outside materials.  This is not the value of outside of people.  This is not the value of any outside entity.  This is the value that you provide.  This is the value that you must continuously improve.  This is the value that will determine your success for 2020 and beyond.

     Your goal for the new year is not to focus on the outside value but focus on your internal value.  Don’t worry about what others or doing.  Only focus on what you are doing.  Be objective in your viewing of each situation as well.  If you have a job you have a paycheck.  If you do the work they assign then you earn the paycheck that it is established you will receive.  That value is already determined. 

     Keep doing the minimum and you will continue to receive that value. You will continue to receive what you have earned.  Things will continue to be the same. However to increase what you can earn you must provide more value.  You must go above and beyond.  You must provide more value.

Don’t know what value you should provide? 

    • First determine what you desire. This is your Situation.
    • Next increase your awareness to see the actions you are currently taking related to your desire. This is Awareness.
    • After you have sufficient data, reflect on those actions and evaluate how you can potentially provide more value. What is missing?  What do you do well?  Where are you spending too much time?  Where are you not spending enough time?  This is Reflection.
    • Based on your reflection decide what actions you can take to increase your value. This is Action.
    • After you have seen the results of your action and actually have increased your value it is time to incorporate habits to keep increasing your value. This is Habits.

Want to continue to learn about the process I call S.A.R.A.H.? Watch the playlist below.














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