There is More Than Enough

“When I think about creating abundance, it's not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it's about creating a life of possibility.”

                                           Peter Diamandi



     The ultimate question that has run through all of our minds at some point in time, Can I do this? You may not have phrased it in those words specifically. Maybe you just had some doubt. Maybe you had a lot of doubt. Regardless you have faced this situation may times in your life and you are destined to face it many more. The question is what your reaction to that situation will be the next time you face it. Will you feel stress and allow that stress to impact your decisions? Will you lower your expectations because that will make you feel protected from disappointment? Will you ultimately stop trying because you just don’t think you can overcome your doubts?   Hopefully you will do none of the above. Hopefully you will allow the thoughts to pass through your mind, acknowledge them and push through to success. One-way to help you achieve that success it to decide to always think abundance.


What Do You Know About Abundance?


   Has anyone ever told you to think abundance before? If this is your first time being told that please continue reading so you fully understand the directive. If you have heard it before please keep reading to understand why it is so important to your success to do so. According Merriam Webster abundance is defined as an ample quantity. As you know ample means more than enough. So to think abundance means that you think that there is more than enough. You don’t have to specific about what there is more than enough of either. You just need to know that there is more than enough of what you are looking for. If you are $100,000 in debt there is more than enough money out there to get you out of debt. If you only have 2 weeks to complete a project but because of the miscues and errors it will take you 4 weeks to complete, there are more than enough ideas to still have a good outcome for the project. If you are single and always meet the wrong person when you date, there are more than enough right people out there for you. If you are unemployed and not getting interviews there are more than enough jobs out there that you can win.


     All of these statements are true but often difficult to see when you are in the moment. When you are in the moment sometimes it will look like there is no way out. This is why it is so important that you focus your efforts to think abundance. When you are up against the wall it is easy to get disheartened. When you get disheartened you take different actions than when you think there is a chance. If you are disheartened about your debt then you will most like stop trying to put a dent in it. When you are disheartened about the status of your project you will accept the fact that you failed and feel bad about it. When you have issues dating you will give up and not give anyone a chance because you already know it will fail or you will find a way to sabotage any new relationship. When you are unemployed and not getting interviews you won’t change anything you are doing and just hope someday someone will call. None of these actions are going to help you and when things aren’t going well it is the prime situation when you when need to help yourself.


     So instead of being disheartened you need to think abundance. When you think abundance you convince yourself there is a way. When you are convinced there is a way you will take different actions than when you think there was no way out. If you think abundance you will not quit thinking of ways to reduce your debt. Whether it is saving or getting someone to fund your start-up idea, you will find a way. If you think abundance about your project being late you will work with the stakeholders to find a way to have a positive outcome even though it ends up being late. If you think abundance about your dating life you will understand that you need to change up your game and meet people in different in atmospheres. You will not be concerned about meeting someone because you know eventually you will. If you think abundance about your unemployment you will expect to be hired soon. Setting that expectation will make you speak with confidence and that confidence can win you the job.


There is Negative Abundance


     For all of you negative people out there, I will also address you beliefs. Think abundance can work negatively as well. It usually is portrayed in the form of worry. You see someone who worries will always think of a way that things will go bad. They will focus in on that abundance instead of the abundance of how things can go well. Whichever you focus on you will look for evidence of that. That is why a worrier stays a worrier and an optimist stays an optimist. The beauty of life is you get to choose which you will believe. Just remember that you are choosing for your life and no one else can choose for you. If you want the most out of life then you should focus on getting the most out of life. Worrying has never proved it can do that. The CEO of your company is not the best worrier in the world. The person you look up to most is not the best worrier in your network. Just take a moment and think of the person who doesn’t believe there is enough or that thinks things will go wrong frequently. Is that person having the success you desire? If so then by all means follow their lead. If not maybe you should make sure you go in the opposite direction.


    Thinking abundance forces you to explore all options because you know one is out there. Sometimes it will take you years to get a result you want but as long as you believe you can, you will. When you believe you can’t than you won’t. By choosing not to think abundance you are basically saying that you can’t. You believe there isn’t enough money, enough ideas, enough good people, enough good jobs or enough of anything else you are looking to achieve. This is your life and if you don’t believe you can’t expect someone else to. You have to be your biggest cheerleader. As a cheerleader you must always think there is a way. The reason there is a way is because this is a world of abundance and there is an ample quantity of anything you need. Your current situation doesn’t define you. How you react to your current situation does define you. Choose to react with an open mind and believe there is a way to get what you want. You should choose that belief because it is true. You should choose that belief because you know it will help you get the most out of life. Choose to think abundance and go after all of your desires. That is by far the best choice you can make. As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.


With Gratitude,


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