Think Big Live Big

"The biggest obstacle to wealth is fear. People are afraid to think big, but if you think small, you'll only achieve small things."


T. Harv Eker


     Here we go again.  There’s a nice quote above and now you are being asked to read the next 1000 words explaining why the quote is important to you.  You really don’t feel like reading it or better yet you just don’t have the time.  You are either on your way to work, at work or winding down from a full day at work.  The 5 minutes it is going to take you to read these words are important to you.  You just don’t want to give them away on something you already know.  You really don’t want to waste your time.  Yet what if the words below change your life?  What if you are reminded of one fact that motivates you to take that next step?  What if you feel so inspired after reading this well put together body of words that you take that leap of faith and become that giant trapped in your mind?  Do not be afraid.  Do not fear your success.  Think big and keep reading.  Your wealth is waiting for you to bring it home.


An Abundant Mindset


     The first thing that is required for you to have wealth is to understand that there is an abundance of wealth available in this world.  Available doesn’t mean you can just go out and pull it off of a tree.  Available does mean if you can solve a problem that millions of people have you can tap into millions of dollars of available wealth.  The second thing that is required is to understand that wealth is not just money.  There is wealth in love.  There is wealth in relationships.  There is wealth in impact to your community.  There is wealth in knowledge.  There is wealth in your health and fitness.  For each and every one of those examples of wealth there is abundance as well.  It is critical to your success to have an abundance mindset.  You have to see that this world is not lacking.  You current circumstances may be lacking but the world is not.


      The reason an abundance mindset is so important is because fear plays such a major role in the outcome of your success.  The true purpose of fear is to protect you from harm.  When you are sleeping outside on the rocks in the Colorado Rockies it is important to be fearful of rattlesnakes.  That fear and your reaction to seeing one will save your life.  That fear was placed in you at birth to protect you so you could live and survive in the wild.  Yet you don’t live in the wild anymore.  If you do kudos to you for having power and a good Internet connection so you can read these words. But seriously what do you have to fear today?  Do you fear you may lose your job? If you were to lose it there are plenty of other companies hiring.  There are also plenty of opportunities to become the founder of your own business.  Do you fear you may go bankrupt? There are thousands of people who have gone bankrupt in their past and are now exceptionally wealthy or even well off.  Do you fear getting hurt trying to do too much in the gym?  The human body heals very nicely.  Haven’t you heard no pain, no gain?  There’s no need to fear because there is an abundance of opportunity.


Thinking Big vs Thinking Little


    Once you change your mindset to abundance you no longer live in fear.  When you lived in fear you thought small because you wanted to protect yourself.  When the fear is gone you can now think big.  You think big because you realize that big is possible.  You believe with so much out there why not you?  You know there is plenty to go around and you are going to get a healthy piece of what is available.  You are no longer afraid.  You now have faith in yourself to achieve the wealth that you desire.  You will have the love of your life and it will be overflowing.  You will have the best relationships with your friends and family.  You will be healthy and in great shape.  You will have a big bank account with enough money to keep you comfortable.  You will excel at work to levels that you deserve to have or you will build an exceptional business to lead as your own. You will think big and big things will happen.


    If you don’t change your mindset you will think little.  When you think little, little things happen.  When you think that everyone’s relationship gets boring and dull once you get married, your relationship will get dull and boring after marriage.  When you think you will never be qualified to be the General Manager of your account team, you will never be qualified to be General Manager of your account team.  When you think you can’t count on your friends to be there when you need them, your friends won’t be there when you need them.  When you think you will never make enough money to live the lifestyle you desire, you will never live the lifestyle you desire. When you think you’ll never release the wait on your body so you can see you abs again, you will never see your abs again.  What you think is what you will receive.


Take Action Now


     The action you must take to turn your life around is to start thinking big.  The funny thing is it doesn’t have to be on the levels described above.  Most of those thoughts were on major aspects of your life.  Yes it is important to think big on the major aspects but it’s also important to think big on the minor ones as well.  Think big needs to be your mantra.  You need to incorporate it in everything that you do.  When you decide to spend a dollar in your community think big by realizing that a one-dollar bill spent in the right place is changing the face of your community.  When you walk past a stranger smile and say hello.  Think big and realize you just made their day because of your smile.  When you are sitting at your daughter’s band concert think big by realizing she is going to appreciate you for life because of your presence.  Find any and every thing you can to think big about.  This will build a habit that a will benefit you for life.  After all habits are the fuel for your success and your failure.


     You have an opportunity in front of you to be wealthy.  As a matter of fact you have an abundance of opportunity if front of you to be wealthy.  Once you decide to believe that truth you will no longer have the fear that is currently standing in the way.  You have been thinking little because of that fear.  With that fear now gone you can now start thinking big.  This is important because what you think is what you achieve. Yes you are that powerful. Well, truthfully, you are that powerful if you allow yourself to believe it.  You are both the lock and the key.  Think little and you lock yourself out of possibility.  Think big and you open up a world of success.  Let this be your reminder that you are the key to your wealth.  Followed the guidance to have an abundance mindset and think big.  You will be very pleased with your results.  As always I wish you the best and remind you to also enjoy the journey.



With gratitude,


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