Those Darn Dreamers


      The Dreamers, who are they and are you one of them? That question may challenge some of you but it shouldn’t.  Every one of us is or can be a dreamer.  The beautiful thing about it is we all get to choose the level of dreaming we do.  It is beautiful because we are all unique individuals.  We are not made to be placed in the same mold.  We are made to be ourselves.  You get to choose who you are and that is a gift no one can take away from you. 

      You also have the ability to practice self-awareness.  Knowing who you are has its own importance.  Once you know who you are or who you want to be your next step is to acknowledge it.  So when it comes to Dreamers which one of the following three categories do you think you fit in?  There isn’t a wrong answer.  The only wrong answer is to not know at all.

     Here are the three categories.  Read them to see if one of them sounds like you.

      You have no specific dream.  You have plenty of desires but you have no specific dream on how to achieve them.  You are gainfully employed.  You have a beautiful family.  You are working hard every day.  Yet you have no dream.  Not only do you not have a dream, you don’t see a need to have one.  You goal is to keep doing what you are doing well and hope the desires you have will eventually manifest.  If you keep doing your job well you will eventually be rewarded.  If you take care of your family you will have fulfilled a wonderful obligation.  If you continue to work hard your life will be positively impacted.

     You have a dream but you lack focus.  You have a dream of what you think you would love to do yet you don’t a solid plan on how to make it happen.  You dibble and dabble in a few things here and there but you aren’t consistent.  If someone asks you what your dream is you can readily answer.  If someone asks you what you are doing to live that dream the ability to answer subsides.  You are on the rollercoaster of dream realization.  Sometimes you are up and actively working.  Other times you are down with no active work at all.

     You have a dream and you are actively pursuing living it.  You may not have it all figured out because if you did then your dream would be realized, however, you are determined to make your dream a reality.  You do not let a day go by without working on your dream.  You could be 10% there or 90% there, regardless you still have the same resolve. You have developed some short term plans and have put them in motion.  You have some long term plans that are in motion as well.  You will live your dream and no one can tell you anything different than that fact.

      You fit into one of these categories.  No category is better than the other.  The categories are just different.  The beauty of life is you own it.  You get to choose how you live it.  If you are comfortable in the category you fit in then please continue to enjoy.  If you see a category that you would rather sit in now is the time to make that change.  This was not written to change you it was only written to remind you that you are in control.  It is your life and/or your dream and you get to decide how you live both.

   Take some time to reflect on which category you fit in and what actions you are taking today as it relates to that category.  No matter your category you should work every day to maximize your life.  This can be done regardless of which category you fit in.  To make sure you are maximizing the category you need to follow the well-known equation. 

                          Beliefs→Thinking→Feelings→Actions = Results.

      Your Beliefs create your Thinking, your Thinking creates your Feelings, your Feelings impact the Actions you take and the Actions you take will determine your Results.  This formula was taught to me by Brooke Castillo, Master Instructor of The Life Coach School.  It is the foundation for the reminders that are covered in the Live the Dream Journal.   No matter what category of dreamer you can always start your day with the 6 reminders. 

                               Beliefs– I am Reborn, Divinely Powerful

                               Thinking– Think Abundance

                               Feeling– Be Grateful

                               Actions– Decisively Intent, Creators Create













This is a solid way to start maximizing your life and your dreams.  As always, I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.

With Gratitude,


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Great Article! I hope you write more to encourage others! Keep it up!

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