A Letter For My Toughest Fan

     Why is it that when the discussion of success comes up you sometimes take it personally?  Part of me believes you think this discussion is a dig on you.  You agree that in order to be successful you have to be different.  You can’t go with the masses.  You have to do things that others will not do.  You have to have internal focus and not external focus. 

     This one man’s opinion is that success is doing something that you decide to do and do it with greatness. It is not just limited to that. That decision of what you want to do needs to be your own vision.  Not a vision that someone has placed on you.  You need to own it.  That is what makes it special.  It is yours. It comes from you.  It’s special because you finally see how special you truly are.  Therefore, you believe you must optimize your specialness by developing your own dream. You must develop your own vision. 

     I get it.  You don’t have a defined vision.  I am diligently working to define mine.  That doesn’t make me better than you it makes us different.  You can’t relate to me and I can’t relate to you. 

     So, you are reading this and saying what is the vision I'm working to define? My vision is to help the masses be greater than they currently are.  Some will not care.  Some will say I’m good, I don’t need your help.  I’m fine with that.  But there is someone out there.  Someone like me that can use the help and I have a dream to deliver it.  I have a vision of being a guru.  I am someone who can help you get the answers you seek.

Those questions include:

How can I do better in my career?

How can I do better in my relationships?

How can I do better with my health?

How can I do better with my finances?

How can I just be a better human being?

      Yes, this is a niche business.  It is a niche business because it is often difficult to not only acknowledge you can do better but to make the choice that you want to do better.  For some reason this is looked at like a bad thing.  Like a dig.  Like you are being down on yourself, when in reality it is actually uplifting.

    Instead of looking down you are looking up because you are 100% sure you can do better. You can grow.  You can expand.  You can do great things.  That doesn’t mean you haven’t done great things.  You have and you can do more. 

     The biggest thing I want to do is to avoid someone getting comfortable and limiting their greatness.  Unfortunately, it may look like work.  It may look like hard work.  We want easy.  We get what we want.  Just don’t be surprised when it is all said and done the results aren’t what they could have been. 

     Part of my passion is knowing that in the last 4 years I have not fully defined my vision.  However, 4 years ago I wasn't looking for a vision.  I was just trying some things.  But trying some things and failing has been a great experience. I have those failures under my belt. I will fail some more.  Hell, I fail often.  But eventually I will not fail.  I will succeed and that success will be a product of all those failures. I am not afraid to fail.  I embrace it. 

   So, some of our conversations will not be pretty.  You will have an opinion that I will not agree with.  Just understand that it is never a dig on you.  It is a desire for you to join me.  I don’t want you to join me on my vision.  I want you to join me by going after your vision.  This may never happen and that is ok.  As I stated before it doesn’t make me any better or you any worse.  It just makes us different. 

     I want to be different.  The masses don’t inspire me.  I want to be the Oprah, the Tony Robbins, the CEO, the President, the Owner and any other description of the person that is not like the masses.  Wish me the best but understand I will be different.


With Gratitude,


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