What You Think Becomes Reality

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

        Robin Sharma


     You did it.  You bought the car.  You got the job.  You won his/her heart.  You earned your degree. You finished your report. You had a great meal. You jumped out of the plane.  You rode the Goliath roller coaster. You also failed to get your work done.  You picked the wrong friend to count on.  You spent more than you had coming in.  You gained weight. You got sick.  In all of the cases above you created the outcome.  First you created it in your mind and then it became reality. It is important for you to understand the power of your mind and the responsibility that comes along with conquering it.

     The majority of people will categorize the outcomes above as either good or bad.  The first outcomes were good and the latter outcomes were bad.  The majority of people will also say that they directly used their mind and their thinking to make the good outcomes a reality.  They will say that they thought about which car they could afford, which car they wanted and where they would buy it from.   After using their mind to think of all of those things they then went out and purchased the car.  Those same people will say that they thought of the person they wanted to be with, they met him/her and then they thought about what they needed to do to win his/her heart.  They will say that they planned a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia because they wanted to ride the Goliath and then they made it happen.

    When it comes to the other outcomes the majority of people will say they didn’t create them from their minds.   If they didn’t get the work done they were definitely trying.  They believed they were thinking they would get it done.  They will argue they weren’t thinking of gaining weight.  Why would they want to do that? They will also say they thought that friend was loyal so they had nothing to do with the fact that they couldn’t be counted on. They will obviously point out the fact that the only reason they got sick is because of someone else’s germs.  They didn’t go to the store thinking they would spend that much money but once they were there they had to get that great deal. Thinking ahead of time had nothing to do with any of these outcomes.  

    Yet in both cases the outcome that was created always started in the mind.  Some of you may misunderstand this to think it is an immediate one for one.  You may also think there is a defined period of time between the thought and the creation.  Neither of these opinions is true.  What, however, is true is what you think you ultimately create.  The culmination of your thoughts is creation.  If you are born poor you didn’t create that because it happened before you could think.  Yet you will remain poor if you believe you are destined to be poor in your mind.  If you don’t get access to a good education you will not have as much knowledge as someone who had great access.  Yet you will only be dumb if you think that you are dumb.  When you allow yourself to be stressed based on your thinking you ultimately suppress your immune system, which allows you to get sick.  As tough as it may be to acknowledge you are responsible for all outcomes in your life and they all can be tied back to your mind. 

      Knowing this fact it is important that you make an effort to monitor your thinking so that the outcomes you desire are the ones that are ultimately created.  This means you must focus on thinking positive thoughts as frequently as possible.  Always try to look on the other side of the half empty glass.  Positive thinking will not give you immediate results.  Just because you think the most positive outcome will occur doesn’t mean it will.  However, over time you will get more “good” outcomes than bad ones.  This will be a direct result of the compounded impact of the entire body of positive thought.  Along with positive thought you also need to be specific in your thinking.  If you want to have a great relationship you need to define what a great relationship is in your mind and on paper.  After you define it you need to set goals and actions to create that great relationship.   If you don’t define it your relationship will be created based on your beliefs that you may not know you have which will result in a relationship that you also may not want to have. Regardless of which path you choose you will create your own reality and it will all start from your mind.

      So now that you have been reminded about the power of your mind what actions should you take?

  1. When it comes to positive thought, follow Greg Kuhn’s advice (author of Why Quantum Physicist’s Never Fail) and always tell yourself a better story.  No matter how bleak a circumstance may seem do not always assume the worst.  If there’s a 1% chance of a great outcome tell yourself it’s possible.  Think about the fact that it’s possible instead of thinking about the fact that the odds are stacked against you.  Now that you know you create your own reality based on your thinking why would you help create an outcome that you don’t want?  Instead help yourself create the outcomes that you want by thinking positively.
  2. Define your goals in all aspects of your life.  Defining your goals will make you think about plans to make those goals reality.  After they are defined you can start to take action on those plans.  Knowing your goals and how to achieve them is a great way to create the reality you desire.  It is important to be specific in your definitions as well.  Don’t just say your goal is to never get divorced.  Instead say your goal is to consistently grow with your partner together by constantly working on your relationship so it never gets stale.  You can then put plans in place to do things that grow your relationship instead of merely maintaining it.

     You were put on this earth to create and it is inevitable that you will fulfill that obligation an infinite amount of times.  Everything that you create will be a result of your thinking.  Your mind is start of every creation.  Therefore it is critically important that you be deliberate in your beliefs and your thoughts.  Doing so will make you deliberate in your creations as well.  Everything you create will begin with your mind.  Everything you have created has begun with your mind.  Let this be your reminder to get control of your mind to focus on making the best creations possible.  You are the captain of your seas and the world looks forward to receiving the great gift of your creation.  What do you think about that? As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.

With gratitude,


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