When the Student is Ready

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Zen Proverb

     Have you accomplished everything you want in life? If you can answer that question with an astounding yes then you are amongst a very small population. If you are like me and still have some items on the list to manifest there is hope. There is still time for you to get everything you desire. You just have to be patient. You just have to keep learning. Then at some moment it will all happen. The answer to your success will appear. The business deal will come through. The vacation around the world will be purchased. The love of your life will say hello. Until then you have one task you must continue to accomplish. You have to continue to grow and learn. When you are developed enough you will be ready and your teacher will appear.

Maybe You Will Get Lucky

     Luck is an often misused word. Sure there are things that happen to you that you had no idea would happen. You may get lucky and win the lottery. You may get lucky and be chosen to represent your company at an industry event. You may get lucky and find a great deal on a new car you have been wanting for years. However, none of those situations will turn out the way you desire if you aren’t properly prepared for them. You may win the lottery and be broke again within 5 years. You may not be properly prepared to speak in front of thousands of people and botch the presentation for your company. The deal on your car could not be as good of a deal as you thought because of the cost of ownership for that car. In any of these situations your preparedness is a key to the success of the final outcome. That is why you must continue to be a student to ensure you are ready when the opportunity presents itself.

     Individual development is a critical key to success in your life. It prepares you for success. When you have achieved the right amount of development your opportunity will present itself. That opportunity will show up in many different ways. Thankfully you will see the opportunity because of your development. You will know exactly what to do. You may meet an actual teacher who will mentor and guide you to success. You may get an offer to take a job that may seem beyond your capability but your development will guide you to success. You may see a business opportunity to serve an under development market that no one else sees but you have the vision and knowledge to perform beyond anyone’s expectations. You may get asked to speak at your church and move the congregation so much that they ask you to speak again. You may go through a traumatic experience with a loved one and handle it so well that the relationship grows beyond what you thought was possible. Any of these examples are only possible if you are ready when the time comes. You may not know who or what the teacher will be. Your only goal is to be ready. You have to keep learning and developing. It must be intentional. The success of your life depends on it.

Actions to Take

The steps you should take are simple.

  • Commit to reading a book from the self-help aisle in your local book store. There as so many recommendations for you to choose from.
  • Develop a daily or weekly routine that encourages self-development such as listening to podcasts or self-development cds
  • Sign up for a self-development course on your job or online.
  • Schedule time with someone smarter and more successful than you are to ask them questions about their success.
  • Start an endeavor that will lead to self-development from on the job training.

     Once you have started to intentionally learn you will grow and develop as a person. All of that growth will lead to a better overall feeling about life. You must however be patient because we can’t predict when the opportunity will present itself. Our only job is to be ready. You must read, learn, listen and develop absent of the actual opportunity. This takes discipline and commitment. What book are you currently reading? What mentor are you currently meeting with to learn how they have accomplished their success? What personal development course have you signed up for and attended this year? What routine are you doing every day; week or month that increases your knowledge and or preparedness? Answering those questions correctly will make you ready for the opportunity because of your intentional development. Your teacher will appear and you will ace every test.

Have a great week,


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