You Can Start Right Now

“Today is a great day to behave as the person you’ve always wanted to be”
Robin Sharma


     There is an awesome power that you are experiencing as you read these words on your screen. It is the power of Now. At this moment neither the past nor the future actually matter. Your attention is captured and you are fully in the moment. You may be multi-tasking but do not fool yourself, you can only give one thing your full attention at a time. Use this moment to realize that you have a tremendous opportunity in front of you. At this very moment you have opportunity to be whoever you want to be irrespective of your past or your future. That makes today a great day to behave as the person you’ve always wanted to be.

     You all have unique different aspiration so it would seem futile to describe each and every one of them. However there is an aspiration that several of you share. A great many of you have always wanted to be the top person in charge. You want to be the decision maker whose guidance and leadership are tapped into to lead your team, your family, or your country to great success. Many of you have always wanted to be the CEO. If that’s not true that’s fine. However if you keep reading you may read some reasons that may change your mind.

     The CEO (Chief Executive in Charge) is a highly coveted position no matter the industry. It takes a special person to be CEO. It takes someone with an unbridled determination to be successful. That determination is necessary to put in the work required to be a CEO. CEO’s have long hours. They live and breathe their brand, company or service. A great CEO makes sacrifices many would avoid. Most CEO’s have little to no life outside of being the CEO. They are on call 24/7. They miss events with family that others are able to attend. They actually choose to miss those events because something important is happening at work that they believe they can’t miss. They make those choices all day long. Because of that there are many of you who say I would never want to be CEO. I actually used to say the same thing to myself.

     However, there are also some great perks of being CEO. Yes the CEO is the top earner at any company. The CEO gets top priority within the company. When the CEO speaks people listen. If the CEO wants to eat at a certain time, food will be available. If the CEO wants to work out at a certain time, the gym will be open. If the CEO wants to meet with a coach, the coach will be available. If the CEO wants to take a trip across the country for a meeting, the travel will be approved. If the CEO wants to close the door to take a power nap, the door will be closed and the nap will be taken. If the CEO wants to go for a walk and hold the meeting instead of sitting in a conference room, the meeting will happen on the trail outside the office.

     On the surface some of those perks might well be the reason why you want to be CEO. However there are some other reasons you should want to be CEO. In reality you don’t want to just be CEO you actually want to be an effective CEO.   Effective CEOs stay in their job for a long time and ultimately do very well for the company. So what makes an effective CEO?

Effective CEOs:
  • Develop their employees and themselves 
  • Set goals and visions
  • Create a board to provide guidance
  • Mentor and mentee
  • Make decisions
  • Live and breathe for the success of their company
  • Protect their company image
  • Don’t feed their company garbage 
  • Give to the community 
  • Believe in their company 
  • Constantly change and innovate 
  • Hold themselves to a standard 
  • Create instead of compete

     All of the attributes mentioned above are synonymous with success. It doesn’t take being placed in the actual role to see that you live those same attributes if you want to be successful in life. The success of your life is an inside job. The outside world owes you nothing and will give you whatever it decides to give. Until you are the CEO of your inside job you will continue to get what the outside world decides to give. When you are an effective CEO on the inside you will take what you want from the outside. That is why you want to behave like a CEO. Just think of the beautiful community this would be if we all behaved like effective CEOs.

     The power of now allows you to begin behaving like an effective CEO today. There is nothing stopping you but yourself. When you start to behave in this manner regardless of your past or current circumstances you will improve your life. Take a look at the list of effective CEO traits above and decide which one you will do right now. Better yet decide to do them all now. Become the CEO of your life because your life deserves to have an effective CEO. You deserve the success that comes with being an effective CEO. There’s no reason to delay. Today is a great day to start. Don’t start later today. Don’t start after lunch. Don’t start once you get home from work. Start Now. As always I wish you the best and enjoy the journey.


With gratitude,


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