Sound the Alarm

     There it goes. Your alarm is going off again. You’ve hit snooze twice already and you can’t afford to hit it again. You have to get up and go to work. Maybe that work is at an employer that gave you a job, which is currently paying your bills. Maybe you are self-employed and you have to get up to make your money because if you don’t get up you won’t get paid. Maybe you are a stay at home parent and you have to get the kids up and feed them so they aren’t late for school. 

     Whatever the need for you to get up, it is not something that is exciting you. You see it as an obligation that at this current moment isn’t giving you any stimulation. As a matter of fact the majority of the time when the topic comes to mind it doesn’t give you any stimulation because you generally look at it as an obligation. How many times have you caught yourself on a Sunday night saying; “Damn, I have to go to work in the morning.” If you are an entrepreneur you may always dread having to ship out the 10 orders you got in last night. Maybe you are the parent who says; “Why did I have so many kids?”

     Yet there are those times when you get an award at work or a simple acknowledgement from the leadership in a team meeting. That is something that makes you feel good inside and stimulates you. There are the times when you run a marketing campaign for your new product and the sales just keep coming in. Seeing those dollars come in is a confirmation you are on the right path. As a parent nothing beats the feeling of seeing your child so happy that they look you right in the eye and say “I love you Mom and Dad”. Those are the times that you love but don’t seem to come often enough.

     They don’t come often enough because life can be hard. Sometimes the work that you do isn’t glamorous and glorified. Sometimes life is just plain hard work. That is reality. However, how you think about that work is totally up to you. How you think about life is totally up to you. But you have many influences that impact how you think. You have friends who love to complain. You have social media accounts full of comments of people who obviously aren’t happy with their lives. You have the media who knows people gravitate to negative stories so they make sure to give you a full dose of them every day.

     When it comes to deflecting all of that complaining, unhappiness and negativity you are all alone. You have to manufacture your own good thoughts or you’ll be forced to wait for that next time something comes along to make you feel good. So instead of waiting you take action. You put your favorite song on the radio and it gets your juices flowing. You flip through your photos on your phone and smile at all the good memories. You text your best friend or significant other and start a great conversation. Better yet you call them so you can here their voice and enhance the experience. That is what you do today.

     Tomorrow you will look down at your wrist and at that moment you will forget about all of your worries. You will smile because you will know you are living the dream. You will know that there may be obstacles along the way but because of your commitment and dedication you will hurdle anything standing in your way. You will know that this life is a gift and you are here on earth to enjoy it. You will know that your goals are achievable and you are well on your way to doing so. You are living the dream and you are ready for all that life has to bring.

     Tomorrow you may also look down at your wrist and take a deep breath as you take in the moment. That short pause will allow you to bring your awareness to the next level. It will allow you to fully appreciate the moment. You will be grateful for that moment. You will be grateful for all that you have achieved. You will be grateful for all that you have been given. You will be grateful for all the opportunity around you. You will be grateful for all of the beauty of this life, of your life. The sun’s warmth will feel like the most comfortable blanket you’ve ever had the opportunity to snuggle under. You will truly be grateful.

     All of this is available to you for one small purchase. For less than $30 you can make tomorrow a better day. You can make your life better. You can counteract all of the outside influences that are attempting to keep you down. You can take control and no longer have to wait for that next event to fill you up. You can do it yourself with a simple reminder and all it takes is for you to hit that purchase button below. You will be happy you did (many, many times over).

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