Who’s Benefitting?  That is The Question That I Ask

Who’s Benefitting?  There’s Only One Answer That You Can Have

You’re Benefitting?  Hell, You’re the Reason Why We’re Here

You’re Benefitting?  And The History Is Very Clear


I Don’t Want You To Feel Guilty,  Because Your Ancestors Are Not You

But To Be Blind That You Are Benefitting, This Is Something That You Just Can’t Do

I Want to Empower You With Knowledge,  The Country Was Founded To be White

The Founders Had It All Wrong,  And Only We Can Make It Right


And Right Now It’s Still Not Right,  And All The Data Backs This Up

You Can’t Continue to Have an Advantage,  When Do We Decide Enough Is Enough?

You’re Benefitting…And This Was Always The Intent

You’re Benefitting…And Claiming Ignorance Is Consent


It Started By Creating Races,  They Said It’s Science But Here Are Facts

The Caucasoid was From The Caucaus Montains,  The Geography Was Attached

Mongoloid From Mongolia,  The Australoid from Australia, Of Course

But The Negroid, No Geography,  This Was an Intentional Choice


It Should Have Been The Africoid,  That’s the Geography They Came From

No Geography, No History,  The Negroid, Oh That Just the Black One

At The Bottom Is Where They Placed Us,  The Indentured Servants Fully Freed

You Freed us But Continued To Enslave Us,  The Chain Gang Was All You Need


Reparations That’s a Joke,  But Indentured Servants Got 50 Acres and a Gun

Guess Who Became the Overseers,  Yes Those White Indentured Servants Would Be The Ones

You’re Benefitting,  But You Want To Make it About Me

You’re Benefitting, Come On Lets Learn the History


It’s Built Into the Fabric Of this Country,  And This Country Must Evolve

And It Will Take Every Single American,  For the Equity Problem To Be Solved

Let’s Face it, We Can Never Catch Up,  Compound Interest Is a Thing

With The Head Start That You Were Given,   We Need and Exponential Change


I Don’t Just Want You To Just Be An Ally,  When I’m Not There You Lead The Way

Otherwise I’ll Be Right There Beside You,  As We All Feel Better Today

And Know That I Am Not Your Enemy, Because I Know That We Are The Same

And The Advantage You’ve Been Benefitted,  This It Has To Change