Black Excellence

     Young man, you have greatness inside you.  You may or may not know it and we are not here to debate it.  We are here to remind you and/or enhance you.  Your greatness must be unleashed.  This is your duty to this Earth.  Without your greatness the world will never reach its potential. The land that you walk on, the community that you live in, the country of your birth will never be great until you reach your greatness.  To reach your greatness you must become the best version of you possible.  You may not know who that person is so we are going to offer you a way to find out.  You are at your best when you have the right beliefs, the right thinking, the right feelings and you are taking the right actions.  You must commit to be your best self Every Day.  To help you along your journey remind yourself of the following, Every Day.

     Young man by reading this you acknowledge that you have been granted another day on this Earth.  That is a truth that should not be taken lightly.  Waking up today was not guaranteed.  The only actual guarantee you have is there will come a day when you will not awaken and this life will no longer exist.

      To maximize this life you must believe every day that you are Reborn.  Each day you are granted life on this Earth you must see it as a new day.  A day that is yours.  A day that no one can take away from you.  Yes, someone can get in your way.  Someone can make your life difficult.  Someone can take away your freedom, but as long as you are breathing this is your day. 

     On your day you must be strong.  Channel that strength by forgiving yourself for any past mistakes.  You may have made many mistakes but today those mistakes are forgiven.  Those mistakes do not define you.  They strengthen you because you can learn from them and utilize that knowledge today. 

     On this day you must be smart.  You have many days of life that have given you wisdom.  Utilize that wisdom today.  Take what you have learned from the past and apply it to this day.  If you didn’t learn something yesterday find a way to learn it today.  Do not be distracted, instead be determined.  Anything you seek you can find because today is your day. You have new life today.

Today you are Reborn.

     Young man you are not alone.  At times it may feel like it.  At times it may seem like your back is against the wall.  Do not be fooled by that feeling.  You are not alone.  You have something inside you that is greater than you.  All you need is the faith to know that power is there.  That faith will lead you to success.

      This is true for all.  You may be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or not religious at all.  The universe is real and you see the power it possesses every day.  You are part of that power and therefore that power is within you.  It is critical to your success that you believe in that power because there will come a time when you will need it and receive it.

     If you need any proof just take a minute to look at your history. Your ancestors survived devastation that could have easily destroyed anyone who was placed on a boat and shipped to a foreign land in bondage.  Yet they survived.  They were strong and powerful.  Without their survival this country would not be the power that it is today.  Only a Divine Power could make that extraordinary feat possible. 

    You have access to that same power. This is your reminder to have faith in the Divine Power within you.  Whatever the situation or opportunity at hand always have faith.  That faith will insure that things will eventually work out in your favor.  Your life is meant for greatness and luckily you are not alone in this journey.

You are Divinely Powerful. 

     Young man you need to take a minute to think. Take a minute to think about all the opportunity that is in this world. You see it every day. You see it online. You see it when you walk down the street. You see it in your community or the community a few miles down the street. Think about the abundance that others have in this world. You may not have it right now but you know it is there.

      Now take a minute to think about the abundance of things you have in this world. You have energy. You have love. You have ideas. You have ability. Think about the abundance of things you can do until no end. If you cannot think of anything do an experiment to prove this fact. See how many people you can share your love with, see how much energy you can expend, see how many ideas you can come up with. You will see the abundance once you decide to try.

     Yes, it is true you will see scarcity in your life. Do not let that scarcity define you. Do not let the scarcity command your thoughts. Do not forget that what you think will become reality. If you think scarcity you will receive more scarcity. Acknowledge the scarcity in your life and then think about the truth that it can become abundance. It may not be abundant at this given moment but you have the ability to change that.

     You can change that by always thinking abundance. You create your own reality with your thoughts. If you want abundance then that is what you need to think at all times. There is always a way for you to get what you desire. The abundance allows that to be true. Yet it will never happen if you do not think it. Therefore, your responsibility is to always think it.

You must always Think Abundance.

   Young man I need you to take your time and reflect on your life. Remove all of your distractions so that you are at your utmost awareness. Now think about all the things you have in your life. Think about all the things you enjoy on this Earth. Think about your current life and your future life. Think about the experiences you have had or will have no matter how big or small. You should have a lot of thoughts running through your head at this moment.

     For everything that you are thinking, you need to now be grateful. You must show your appreciation for all the things in your life that you enjoy. You must fill your mind with gratitude. Be grateful for the ground that you walk on. Be grateful for the strength in your body. Be grateful for the intelligence in your mind. Be grateful for your abilities and your skills. Be grateful for your family and friends.

     Be grateful for the air that you breathe into your lungs. Be grateful for the sun that heats the Earth. Be grateful for the water that replenishes your body. Be grateful for money being printed every day. Be grateful for the food that was prepared for you to eat. Be grateful for the person who planted the seed and harvested the crop. Be grateful for your resilience. Be grateful for your determination. Be grateful for your confidence. Be grateful for the power you possess within.

     There is power in the practice of being grateful. Power to instantly bring you to a place of happiness just by acknowledging the things that you are grateful for in life. Power to attract more of what you enjoy in your life because when you focus your mind on these things you attract more of them. You have the ability to attract what you desire in this life and being grateful is an undeniable tool to accelerate that ability. You must never let this power go to waste.

You must always Be Grateful. 

    Young man you have been given a gift. You have been given the gift of life. You are the sole owner of that gift. You have the sole responsibility of maximizing the benefit of that gift. To maximize the benefit of the gift of life you must make a definitive decision to do so. You must decide right now that your life will not be a mediocre life. To maximize your gift your life must be exceptional. Luckily you are more than capable of achieving that feat.

     You are capable because all you have to do is take action. Well not just any action, you must be intentional in your actions. You must decide what you want and then define the actions you need to take to achieve your desires. Whatever actions are required to make your life exceptional you have a responsibility to take them. You have that responsibility and you are committed to honoring it.

     The actions you will take will be both big and small. The actions you will take will be both short term and long term. You will take many actions because you know that is the only way you will live an exceptional life. If you don’t take intentional action and just let life happen then you will not have an exceptional life. People with no intent end up living someone else’s life and usually that is not an exceptional one. You will not fall into that category because you fully understand the gift that you have been given.

     You are the master of your own destiny. You will take the time to determine the life that you want to live and understand the actions required to make it a reality. Once you have done your homework you will continue with the next step. You will take many next steps. You will do so because you have made the decision to intentionally take control of your life. You will not rest until your life is exceptional.

You are always Decisively Intent.

     Young man your greatest responsibility on this Earth is also your greatest skill. You have a skill that has been mastered by the greatest of all entities. You have the skill to create and that is what you were placed on this Earth to do. Generations before you have created and generations after you will do the same. However, right now is your responsibility. You must create today.

     You must create because it is the only way you will ever accomplish any of your goals. You must create because it is the only way you will achieve any of your desires. You must create because it is the only way you will maximize your opportunities or solve any of your problems. You cannot sit back and rely on anyone else to achieve your results. You must achieve them yourself by taking action. The most powerful action you can take is to create.

     If you need money to accomplish a task you must create the pipeline for the revenue to flow. If you need energy to complete a task you must create the body that is filled with nutrition and properly exercised. If you need intelligence to solve a problem you must create the funnel to fill your mind with knowledge. Whatever you need you must master your skill and create it.

     Do not underestimate your ability to create. Trust that it is a skill you possess. You may have to start small and build up to being a master creator and that is ok. Only a few will be blessed with mastery at birth. It doesn’t matter how you get there. The result will be the same. As a master creator you will have everything that you desire as long as you exercise your mastery. Never miss an opportunity to share your creations with the world. Generations have done it before you and generations will do it after you. Your time is now.

You are a creator and Creators Create.

     You have just been reminded of your excellence young man.  From this point forward, you must own it.  You must live it.  You must bask in it.  Together we can do what all men should strive to do.  Together we can be excellent but it must first start with you.

     As always, I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.

With Gratitude,