Black Excellence, Be Grateful




     Young man you are not alone.  At times it may feel like it.  At times it may seem like your back is against the wall.  Do not be fooled by that feeling.  You are not alone.  You have something inside you that is greater than you.  All you need is the faith to know that power is there.  That faith will lead you to success.

   Young man I need you to take your time and reflect on your life. Remove all of your distractions so that you are at your utmost awareness. Now think about all the things you have in your life. Think about all the things you enjoy on this Earth. Think about your current life and your future life. Think about the experiences you have had or will have no matter how big or small. You should have a lot of thoughts running through your head at this moment.

     For everything that you are thinking, you need to now be grateful. You must show your appreciation for all the things in your life that you enjoy. You must fill your mind with gratitude. Be grateful for the ground that you walk on. Be grateful for the strength in your body. Be grateful for the intelligence in your mind. Be grateful for your abilities and your skills. Be grateful for your family and friends.

     Be grateful for the air that you breath into your lungs. Be grateful for the sun that heats the Earth. Be grateful for the water that replenishes your body. Be grateful for money being printed every day. Be grateful for the food that was prepared for you to eat. Be grateful for the person who planted the seed and harvested the crop. Be grateful for your resilience. Be grateful for your determination. Be grateful for your confidence. Be grateful for the power you possess within.

     There is power in the practice of being grateful. Power to instantly bring you to a place of happiness just by acknowledging the things that you are grateful for in life. Power to attract more of what you enjoy in your life because when you focus your mind on these things you attract more of them. You have the ability to attract what you desire in this life and being grateful is an undeniable tool to accelerate that ability. You must never let this power go to waste.

You must always Be Grateful.