Black Excellence, Decisively Intent


    Young man you have been given a gift. You have been given the gift of life. You are the sole owner of that gift. You have the sole responsibility of maximizing the benefit of that gift. To maximize the benefit of the gift of life you must make a definitive decision to do so. You must decide right now that your life will not be a mediocre life. To maximize your gift your life must be exceptional. Luckily you are more than capable of achieving that feat.

     You are capable because all you have to do is take action. Well not just any action, you must be intentional in your actions. You must decide what you want and then define the actions you need to take to achieve your desires. Whatever actions are required to make your life exceptional you have a responsibility to take them. You have that responsibility and you are committed to honoring it.

     The actions you will take will be both big and small. The actions you will take will be both short term and long term. You will take many actions because you know that is the only way you will live an exceptional life. If you don’t take intentional action and just let life happen then you will not have an exceptional life. People with no intent end up living someone else’s life and usually that is not an exceptional one. You will not fall into that category because you fully understand the gift that you have been given.

     You are the master of your own destiny. You will take the time to determine the life that you want to live and understand the actions required to make it a reality. Once you have done your homework you will continue with the next step. You will take many next steps. You will do so because you have made the decision to intentionally take control of your life. You will not rest until your life is exceptional.

You are always Decisively Intent.