Black Excellence, Divinely Powerful


     Young man you are not alone.  At times it may feel like it.  At times it may seem like your back is against the wall.  Do not be fooled by that feeling.  You are not alone.  You have something inside you that is greater than you.  All you need is the faith to know that power is there.  That faith will lead you to success.

      This is true for all.  You may be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or not religious at all.  The universe is real and you see the power it possesses every day.  You are part of that power and therefore that power is within you.  It is critical to your success that you believe in that power because there will come a time when you will need it and receive it.

     If you need any proof just take a minute to look at your history. Your ancestors survived devastation that could have easily destroyed anyone who was placed on a boat and shipped to a foreign land in bondage.  Yet they survived.  They were strong and powerful.  Without their survival this country would not be the power that it is today.  Only a Divine Power could make that extraordinary feat possible. 

    You have access to that same power. This is your reminder to have faith in the Divine Power within you.  Whatever the situation or opportunity at hand always have faith.  That faith will insure that things will eventually work out in your favor.  Your life is meant for greatness and luckily you are not alone in this journey.

You are Divinely Powerful.