Black Excellence, I am Reborn


     Young man by reading this you acknowledge that you have been granted another day on this Earth.  That is a truth that should not be taken lightly.  Waking up today was not guaranteed.  The only actual guarantee you have is there will come a day when you will not awaken and this life will no longer exist.

      To maximize this life you must believe every day that you are Reborn.  Each day you are granted life on this Earth you must see it as a new day.  A day that is yours.  A day that no one can take away from you.  Yes, someone can get in your way.  Someone can make your life difficult.  Someone can take away your freedom, but as long as you are breathing this is your day. 

     On your day you must be strong.  Channel that strength by forgiving yourself for any past mistakes.  You may have made many mistakes but today those mistakes are forgiven.  Those mistakes do not define you.  They strengthen you because you can learn from them and utilize that knowledge today. 

     On this day you must be smart.  You have many days of life that have given you wisdom.  Utilize that wisdom today.  Take what you have learned from the past and apply it to this day.  If you didn’t learn something yesterday find a way to learn it today.  Do not be distracted, instead be determined.  Anything you seek you can find because today is your day. You have new life today.

Today you are Reborn.