Black Excellence, Think Abundance


     Young man you need to take a minute to think. Take a minute to think about all the opportunity that is in this world. You see it every day. You see it online. You see it when you walk down the street. You see it in your community or the community a few miles down the street. Think about the abundance that others have in this world. You may not have it right now but you know it is there.

      Now take a minute to think about the abundance of things you have in this world. You have energy. You have love. You have ideas. You have ability. Think about the abundance of things you can do until no end. If you cannot think of anything do an experiment to prove this fact. See how many people you can share your love with, see how much energy you can expend, see how many ideas you can come up with. You will see the abundance once you decide to try.

     Yes, it is true you will see scarcity in your life. Do not let that scarcity define you. Do not let the scarcity command your thoughts. Do not forget that what you think will become reality. If you think scarcity you will receive more scarcity. Acknowledge the scarcity in your life and then think about the truth that it can become abundance. It may not be abundant at this given moment but you have the ability to change that.

     You can change that by always thinking abundance. You create your own reality with your thoughts. If you want abundance then that is what you need to think at all times. There is always a way for you to get what you desire. The abundance allows that to be true. Yet it will never happen if you do not think it. Therefore, your responsibility is to always think it.

You must always Think Abundance.