Black Excellence, Creators Create


     Young man your greatest responsibility on this Earth is also your greatest skill. You have a skill that has been mastered by the greatest of all entities. You have the skill to create and that is what you were placed on this Earth to do. Generations before you have created and generations after you will do the same. However, right now is your responsibility. You must create today.

     You must create because it is the only way you will ever accomplish any of your goals. You must create because it is the only way you will achieve any of your desires. You must create because it is the only way you will maximize your opportunities or solve any of your problems. You cannot sit back and rely on anyone else to achieve your results. You must achieve them yourself by taking action. The most powerful action you can take is to create.

     If you need money to accomplish a task you must create the pipeline for the revenue to flow. If you need energy to complete a task you must create the body that is filled with nutrition and properly exercised. If you need intelligence to solve a problem you must create the funnel to fill your mind with knowledge. Whatever you need you must master your skill and create it.

     Do not underestimate your ability to create. Trust that it is a skill you possess. You may have to start small and build up to being a master creator and that is ok. Only a few will be blessed with mastery at birth. It doesn’t matter how you get there. The result will be the same. As a master creator you will have everything that you desire as long as you exercise your mastery. Never miss an opportunity to share your creations with the world. Generations have done it before you and generations will do it after you. Your time is now.

You are a creator and Creators Create.