Happy Birthday Toni!

Today is a special day.

Today is the day that it all began.

When you were born you were blessed with a beautiful family.

You were born healthy and strong.

As you grew you learned you were smart and hard working.

You excelled in high school.

You made many friends and had wonderful experiences.

You then decided to attend a great university. That decision proved to be a very fruitful choice.

You earned a degree and a commission.

You met a boy who eventually turned into your man.

You started your family and your career. You continued to excel in both areas.

You raised your first born and taught her how she can excel in life also.

You continue to raise your 2nd and 3rd child in the same manner.

You have had many great experiences over the years.

The majority of those have been jointly experienced with your best friend.

Your life has continued to be blessed.

Yet all of those beautiful examples are not the reason why today is a special day.

Today is a special day because of the opportunity you have in front of you right now.

You are strong.

You are healthy.

You are smart.

You are wise.

You are a wonderful mother.

You are a loving wife.

You are a leader.

You are blessed.

You have the opportunity right now to take all of your amazing qualities and continue to allow them to grow.

You can continue to give this world the best of you.

The world is eagerly awaiting the reception of your gifts and that deserves to be celebrated.

Today you do not celebrate the past.

Today you do not celebrate what is to come.

Today you celebrate the beauty of right now.

Today you celebrate the beauty of you.


Happy Birthday Toni!

Enjoy your celebration.

I am truly grateful to be able be there to experience it with you.


With gratitude,