How Do You Feel Good?

There are 3 feelings that let you know life is going well.  Those feelings are Peace, Joy and Power as shown below.

Acknowledging the importance of those positive feelings, I am on a mission to learn how you generate them.  To help you with that I've added some definitions below to each secondary feeling associated with the primary feelings of Peace, Joy and Power.
My ask of you is to first think about one of these feelings.  Next, think about the actions you take that always help you generate that exact feeling.  Once you have that known action confirmed, let me know what it is.  
Doing this will help me gather and education of what people do to feel good.  Your information will always be anonymous unless you give explicit permission for me to share who you are.  If you would like to be spotlighted I can do that as well.
Email your responses to drewsreminderstoday@gmail or leave a comment on one of the YouTube Videos about this effort.