What is Man Appreciated Day?

Man Appreciated day is May 16, 2020. This is a day to show appreciation for the men in our lives. This is not a day to buy them new suits, new ties, new shoes or any other gift. You may choose to do that but that is not the goal.

The goal is to remind men of their value. When they understand their value, they understand the power they have within. Understanding that power will help them respect who they are and who they can become. When we respect our power we make better choices. When men make better choices the whole world benefits

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The only way we can achieve the goal is to be SPECIFIC. When you reach out to a man on Man Appreciated Day follow these guidelines below. Send it in a text, a social media post, a video, a written card and if possible face to face.

Happy Man Appreciated Day! Today I want to acknowledge you for (fill in the blank). It has had this (fill in black) impact on me. I will forever appreciate you for that.

If by chance you become a man spending the day to himself, spend the day in reflection. No matter where we are or our current circumstances, we have accomplished something. Take the time to appreciate your accomplishments. If you are working on something go ahead and appreciate it's completion. You will complete it.


This is a day for all men to win. This is a day to be appreciated.


A day filled with the infinite energy of gratitude. This energy can change the world.


Let's collectively change the energy of the entire world for one glorious day.


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