What We Feed Will Grow

What we feed will grow.
All of these are easy and direct references that prove that concept:
· If we plant a seed, it must be fed to grow
· If we have a child it must be fed to grow
· If a puddle starts it must be fed more water to become a lake
· If a fire starts it must be fed more combustible material to grow into an inferno
Here are even more examples of this concept:
· “As a man thinketh, so is he”
· The Law of Attraction
· Sustained sadness leads to depression
· The compound effect
· The more you read the more you know
· The more you exercise the more strength you build
· The more we pray the closer we get to God
There is no denying the fact that what we feed will grow.
     When written on paper this concept is easy to see. However, in our daily interactions sometimes this concept is forgotten. Consider this narrative your reminder. We all need a reminder to increase our awareness to know exactly what we are feeding each day. This is important because we all are feeding something every day of our lives. Some of those feedings are conscious but the majority are subconscious.
     Continuous feeding of the same thing is directed by our beliefs. That is why it is also critical to monitor, change or create our own beliefs. Our brains are incredibly well built to protect our beliefs. In order to protect those beliefs our brains will continue to feed them. The more those beliefs are fed the stronger they grow. This is the reason it is so difficult to change one’s beliefs.
     For example, we may read a book or listen to a podcast and be advised that watching TV is not helping you be a better person. With our new knowledge we go home and say we will start to limit our time spent watching TV. We do this so we can put that time into something more beneficial. We want to believe that watching TV is not beneficial. However, for decades we have been watching TV. Each time we’ve watched TV we have fed the belief that watching TV is beneficial. Watching TV has become a habit because we subconsciously believe it is beneficial.
     With that belief and all of the feedings it will be hard to make a change. We will be sitting in silence and tell ourselves to turn the TV on to kill the silence. We will turn on the TV to watch the news because we want to be informed and can’t be that without the TV. We will get caught up in watching shows that everyone is talking about because of the fear of missing out. We will just turn on the TV because that’s what we do. In the end we will forget the conversation we had with ourselves. The conversation that we can improve our life by limiting the amount of time we spend watching TV. Haven’t we all seen this cycle before?
     To make change we must make a conscious decision to feed the things we desire in order to make them grow. We must also commit to feed them consistently.  A few new feedings will not cause much, if any, growth.  Real growth will require many feedings.
        Life is about growth and we should all strive to grow until our last breath. If we love our spouse then we should continuously feed that love so that it will continuously grow. If we desire to travel the world then we should continuously feed that desire by finding ways to make that desire a reality. If we desire to be a leader we must continuously feed our ability to lead so that our leadership will grow. If we desire to be at peace we need to continuously feed that desire by taking actions to maintain and create that peace. If we desire to be healthy we must feed healthiness into our minds and body so our health will grow.
     The amazing aspect of conscious feeding is as we grow we create the belief that accompanies that growth. Once it becomes a belief our mind will subconsciously feed it. At this point in time the feeding will become a habit. This is why habits are so critical to our success. Habits feed the beliefs and with that feeding the beliefs grow. As those beliefs grow we get results that confirm the belief. Those results represent the life that we are able to build. Because of our habits we will continue to build that life. This is the cycle we are all in at this moment. This can be a cycle of misery or a cycle of joy. With awareness we get to choose.
     Take time today to explore your life. What are you consistently feeding? Where would you like to grow? What beliefs would you like to have? What habits would you like to maintain? The answers to those questions are uniquely yours. However the overlying concept of this narrative is owned by us all. What we feed will grow. As always I wish you the best and remind you to enjoy the journey.
With Gratitude,
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